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Modelling Gauge 2 Scale

Gauge 2 Models for LNWR Rolling Stock

Gauge 2 was one of the earliest scales established in the 1890s. For a while some German manufacturers used a slightly different terminology, Gauge iii actually being what we now call Gauge 2, but they soon fell into line, at least for the British market. The track gauge is 2in and the scale 7/16in to a foot.
Bing, Carette and Bassett-Lowke all offered a range of products, but it was never as popular as the smaller Gauge 1 or larger Gauge 3 and fell out of use by the 1920s. Vintage models do come on to the market regularly and are often relatively inexpensive because few collect the scale today.
Models of LNWR prototypes known to have been made include:

  • Bing Black Prince 4-4-0 spirit fired live steam.
  • Bing LNWR 4-6-2 tank spirit fired live steam.
  • Bing NLR 4-4-0 Tank no. 88 spirit fired live steam.
  • Carette for Bassett-Lowke 6-wheeled three-coach set (with Cleminson arragement).
  • Carette bogie full brake.
  • If you know of any current of historical models which we have omitted or if you have any comments on the above list please send an email to the Modelling Group .