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2mm Scale Wagons


D13 Timber wagons (pair) Graham Hughes Kits Whitemetal kit
D13 Twin Bolster (pair) rolandsmith Chassis only
D15 10 ton Beer Van (with roof door) rolandsmith etched nickel silver
D16, 10 ton Goods Brake rolandsmith etched nickel silver
D17B, 'Crystal Palace' 20 ton Goods Brake rolandsmith etched nickel silver
D26 22' special Cattle Wagon with drovers' compartment; rolandsmith etched nickel silver
D33 7 ton Covered Goods Van (with roof door) rolandsmith etched nickel silver
D43, 5 ton Gunpowder Van. rolandsmith etched nickel silver
D43a Gunpowder van Dapol Ready to run
D88 covered van 2mm Scale Association Etched brass complete body and chassis
Wagon transfers Phil Smith Waterslide

New Range of Wagon kits supplied via rolandsmith

Supplied description - Now available is a range of kits for LNWR prototype vehicles. Commissioned by an L&NWRS member and designed by David Eveleigh, these are etched nickel silver for soldered construction. Whilst not intended for the absolute beginner, the design of the kits for has been done in a way to make them as easy as possible to build – for instance the roof door assembly in the box vans is arranged as a fold up drop in tray which locates positively in slots in the rear layer of the sides. All kits include chassis, with alternative solebar and brake arrangements to represent changes over years. Wheels, wheel bearings, buffers, couplings (and vacuum cylinders where needed) will be required to complete. The design was scaled to 2mm Finescale (2FS) standards and the usefulness of these kits to those modelling to N gauge standards is at present unknown.

Prices for individual kits are £12/£14 plus post and packing.

Email for information about current availability and an order form.