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The London and North Western Railway Society was formed in 1973. The Society aims to foster interest in all aspects of the LNWR: its constituent companies; joint lines; and its influence on sucessors.

General Enquiries

We can handle enquires of a general or specific nature concerning the LNWR, its rolling-stock, staff and equipment. Please e-mail us.

Board, Officers and Committee


Ken Wood


Richard Foster — Harry Jack — Andy Lowe — Ted Talbot — Clive Taylor — Roy Thomson — Mike Williams

The Committee comprises the four Honorary Officers and up to eight other members, all of these being the trustees. Of necessity committee meetings are usually attended by a mixture of committee members and other society officers.

Honorary Officers

Chairman — John Gowers — e-mail

Secretary — Vacant — e-mail

Treasurer — Mike Hollick — e-mail

Journal Editor — Bob Williams — e-mail

Committee Members (Trustees) and their Rôles

Archivist — Dave Pennington — e-mail

At-Home — Dave Pennington — e-mail

Librarian — Dave Pennington — e-mail

Librarian,Records&Archives — David Patrick — e-mail

Modelling Officer — Philip Millard — e-mail

Photographic Officer — Norman Lee — e-mail

Promotions Officer — Peter Stanton — e-mail

Special Events — Ken Wood

Study Centre Officer — Dave Pennington — e-mail

Non-Committee Society Officers

Distribution — David Bond — e-mail

Drawings Officer — Matthew Cadbury — e-mail

Forum Master — Julian Trott — e-mail

Journal Production — Mike Peascod — e-mail

Membership Secretary — Alan Shepherd — e-mail

News Letter Editor — Tony Gillam — e-mail

Open Meeting Organiser — Simon Fountain — e-mail

Press Digest Coordinator — Chris James — e-mail

Sales Officer — Martin O'Shea

Staff History Enquiries — Martin O'Keeffe — e-mail

Webmaster — Julian Trott — e-mail

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