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Press Digest Number 9

116Aspects of the Manchester and Birmingham Railway” (Part 1) . Article by Jeff Wells. 9 illustrations.
BackTrack. June 2000
117Cherry Orchard Siding”. Kenilworth 1938.
British Railways Illustrated. June 2000
118The end of the line at Eastwell”. 7 pages and 11 illustrations of narrow gauge lines linking with LNWR/GNR at Harby and Stathern.
Railway Bylines. June 2000
119Article by Paul Gallagher. Review of Manchester and Liverpool services compared to a century ago. 2 illustrations and extract of contemporary timetable.
Daily Express. 17th May 2000 – p21
120Very good colour photograph of former LNWR Westminster Offices.
The Guardian. 10thMay 2000 – p5
121WolvertonExplain 'Wolverton' Works ShuntersExplain 'Shunter (1)'”. 12 pages, 14 illustrations.
Railway Bylines. July 2000
122Awaiting the End”. 2 pages and 4 illustrations of withdrawn locomotives on the Over and Wharton branch in July 1959.
British Railways Illustrated. July 2000
123Due to Operational Difficulties”. 3 pages, 4 illustrations, of re-railing at Poulton-le-Fylde in 1949.
British Railways Illustrated. July 2000
124Railtrack Updating”. Article by John Sully. LNWR Standedge route with plans for goods and passenger development.
Modern Railways. November 1999
125Wolverton Carriages”. Article by Tim Shuttleworth. 4 page feature showing carriages at Wolverton WorksExplain 'Wolverton'.
Railway Bylines. August 2000
126Night Life at Nuneaton”. 12 pages with 12 illustrations from the BR period.
British Railways Illustrated. August 2000
127Various”. Restoration of Whitchurch single span footbridge dating from c1872 with a £350,000 project. Four track feasibility study for Coventry between Beechwood Tunnel and Stechford. Essential work at nine locations in North Wales enabling the introduction of Class 175 Coradia train services. Advance update on work to be done at Proof House. A radio based WCMLExplain 'West Coast Main Line' signalling system launched, developed by Alsthom as part of £5.8 billion modernisation program. (The team has set up a demonstration room at its Croxley Green offices. The Train Control System to be tested on a 17km test track at Old Dalby, starting at the end of June.)
Track Record (The newsletter of Railtrack). No.42 – June 2000
128The Mancunian”. the Journal of the Manchester Locomotive Society. 6 recent items by the editor, Ron Simpson.
The Opening of the Styal Line”, No.208 January 1999 p7–17.
The Styal Line up to Grouping”, No.209 March 1999 p34–38.
The Styal Line – 1923 to 1939”, No.210 May 1999 p58–63.
The Styal Line – 1923 to 1939 (continued)”, No.211 July 1999 p86–90.
The Styal Line – 1939 to 1956”, No.216 May 2000 p61–66.
Report on a visit to Crewe Works Wed. 11th May 1898”, No.212 Sept. 1999 p117–119
129LNWR Staff Hostel at Saltney Ferry”. Describes the barracks built next to Mold Junction shed in 1890 and closed in 1966. Sold by BR on 26th July 1966 and converted into flats, but outwardly unaltered. Describes the events, users, customs and personal memories of one who lived there from the mid 30’s to mid 50’s. A fine story of one of the LNWR’s most humble establishments.
Merseyside Express (the Journal of the Merseyside Model Railway Society).
130The Manchester and Birmingham RailwayExplain 'Manchester & Birmingham Railway (MBR)'” (Part 2) . Article by Jeff Wells. 4 pages.
BackTrack. August 2000
131Edward BuryExplain 'Bury, Edward (1794—1858)' (1794 – 1858)”. Article by Michael Bailey.
Manchester Region Industrial Archeology Society Newsletter. No.9 – May 2000
132Colour feature on ‘G2’Explain '‘G2’ 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' and ‘G2A’Explain '‘G2A’ 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' 0-8-0s.”. They are featured at Walsall, Manchester Exchange, Wednesbury, and deep in Derby’s territory at Chinley. The unfortunate, ill-shod, Derby ‘Austin Seven’ is also featured for comparison.
BackTrack. August 2000
133Robert Stephenson’s Conway Bridge”. Article by D.K. Horne. The author writes that William FairbairnExplain 'Fairbairn, Sir William (1789—1874)' was responsible for the successful riveted wrought iron design. Also has a colour view of the Crewe Arms Hotel.
BackTrack. August 2000