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Press Digest Number 8

107Photograph and caption of LNWR 2-4-2 Tank being held by a curator at the NRM”. One of the 610 models made by late J.P. Richards, “the world’s largest collection of O gaugeExplain 'O Gauge' railway vehicles made by a single person”.
Guardian. 10th March 2000
108Crossing with mixed success”. 2 page feature with 2 pictures of a road motor coach in trouble on Strand Lane crossing at Preston 1059.
Railway Bylines. March 2000
109War Report”. A 2 page feature on experiments on the Cheddington – Aylesbury branch in 1938, concerning the control of gas attacks.
British Railways Illustrated. March 2000
110Northampton’s Crystal Cowshed”. A 4 page feature about Northampton Castle station.
British Railways Illustrated. March 2000
111Press article. Holyhead to Dublin 51 mile rail tunnel costing £14 billion projected by Symonds Tunnel Group, with an estimate of 12 years construction time, employing immersed tunnelling methods.
Irish Post. 4th March 2000
112Newington Road Station”. Article by David Hanson. 3 pages with 2 diagrams.
Journal of NLR Historical Society. No 27 – Spring 2000
113Looking at Cannonbury”. Article by Jim Connor. 4 pages with 8 pictures.
Journal of NLR Historical Society. No 27 – Spring 2000
114Camden Town Station in 1942”. Article by Alex Ramsdale. Alex was an LMS employee at the time. Provides an illuminating essay in 11 pages with 9 illustrations.
Journal of NLR Historical Society. No 27 – Spring 2000
115An article on the Moffat Branch, including references to and photographs of ex-LNWR steam rail motors.
Railway Bylines. March 2000