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Press Digest Number 6

79Levenshulme”. 2 page article on the Manchester suburban station, with 3 pictures.
British Railways Illustrated. October 1999
80No Bad ’Uns amongst D’s”. 12 page article with 18 photos, of mixed opinions of drivers of Super D’sExplain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' in late LMS and BR days.
British Railways Illustrated. October 1999
81The Colonel’s Coal Engines”. 7 page article with pictures of 3 LNWR engines sold to the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire RailwayExplain 'Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway' in the 1930’s.
Railway Bylines. September 1999
82Holyhead Breakwater Railway”. 8 page article with 9 pictures and 1924 map dealing with an isolated line closely related to the LNWR.
Railway Bylines. October 1999
83Reply by Peter Davis on outspoken “ ‘Claughton’ Comments” article.
BackTrack. October 1999
84Addison Road”. 5 pages with 6 pictures and 2 maps.
BackTrack. September 1999
85The Opening of the Hampstead Junction RailwayExplain 'Hampstead Junction Railway'”. Article by Andrew Proctor. A 6 page scholarly article concerning the first interlockingExplain 'Interlocking' lever frameExplain 'Lever Frame'.
The Journal of the North London Historical Society. Autumn 1999
86A visit to Bow Works”. A pictorial item with 4 pictures and a view of Bow Junction showing curve to Gas Factory Junction with passenger train from Poplar hauled by LMS No.107 and ‘Jinty’Explain 'Jinty Locomotive Class' in 1930’s.
The Journal of the North London Historical Society. Autumn 1999
87Mention that LMS No.9395 is on a preliminary invitation list to Shildon Cavalcade in 2000. A former LNWR pay wagon used at Crewe WorksExplain 'Crewe Works' has now gone to a Steamtown volunteer, and dismantling the ‘Coal Tank’Explain 'Coal Tank 0-6-2T Locomotive Class' is at an advanced stage at Ingrow.
Steam Railway. September 1999
88An advert on how to build a 5in gauge ‘Coal Tank’.
[Come on, where’s the page numbers? I have now trawled through the issue. On page 59 there’s an ad for Engineering in Miniature that says “in our current issue you will see how to build (item 1) a LNWR 0-6-2T ‘Coal Tank’ ”. Is this getting a bit off the track of this Press Digest? References to references, and incomplete ones at that? Members, please let me know.]
Steam Railway. October 1999
89Describes Columbine’s move to a new home at the Science Museum for a display that opens in June 2000. The Crewe Works Open Day weekend planned for 20th/21st May 2000 is stated not to include any LNWR types. The ‘Precusor’ nameplate Waverly fetched £12,900 at Sheffield’s Abbeydale Auctions.
Steam Railway. November 1999
90Black Harry Tunnel”. 2 photographs and notes concerning the filling in of this tunnel in the 1950’s.
Railway Bylines. November 1999
91Five Spans”. 4 pictures of bridge No.173 at WolvertonExplain 'Wolverton' taken in 1959.
British Railways Illustrated. October 1999