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Press Digest Number 42

673Masterclass: 'Super Ds'.”. Article by George Dent. A four page article giving a short history of class development over LNWR, LMS and BR periods, and describing detail differences between sub-classes. Eight photographs from BR and preservation periods and three references.
Model Rail. No 125 – December 2008
674'Super D'-tailed”. Article by George Dent. Suggested improvements to the Bachmann model for the BR period. three pages, one prototype and 18 model photographs, the latter mostly showing the addition of detail.
Model Rail. No 125 – December 2008
675From the Railway Magazine archives – February 1959.”. This look back records the completion of the 7,331st and last steam locomotive at Crewe. It recalls the establishment of the works by the Grand Junction Railway in 1843 and the first locomotive, the preserved Trevithick 2-2-2 Colombine.
The Railway Magazine. Vol 155 No 1,294 – February 2009
676Bold Colliery”. An 8 page article about Bold Colliery at St. Helens makes brief mention and includes a photograph of the Liverpool & Manchester 150th Anniversary celebrations which were held adjacent to the colliery in 1980.
Railway Bylines. Vol 14 No 4 – March 2009
677Railway Company Boundary Markers”. A three page feature by Tim Edmonds with nine colour photographs. They are from various companies; one is LNWR, at Clydach on the MT&A, taken on 17 August 1992.
Backtrack. Vol 23 No 3 – March 2009
678The Welsh Marches Line”. Article by R.L. Vickers. A brief history and gazetteer of the LNWR/GWR joint Newport – Hereford – Shrewsbury – Crewe route. Nine pages and 16 photographs, of which four are in colour, all but one from the BR period. There is also a map, 10 references, a bibliography and a list of stations.
Backtrack. Vol 23 No 3 – March 2009
679Reflections 150”. Article by Michael Rutherford. An eight page celebration of the author's 150th article in the Railway Reflections series. To use his words, he "reflects on the reflections, rides a few hobby horses and makes observations on what has happened over the 50 years of his interest in railways". Included for the photograph of ex-LNWR George the Fifth class no. 5329 Queen Mary entering Shrewsbury station from the Wellington line with the magnificent signal box in the background.
Backtrack. Vol 23 No 3 – March 2009
680Descended from the Premier Line – Locomotives of the London & North Western Railway.”. A two page colour feature with five photographs, two from the LMS and three from BR periods. There's a Prince of Wales, two Super Ds, a Cauliflower and a Coal Tank. Lovely!
Backtrack. Vol 23 No 5 – May 2009
681Crewe in the 1980s”. Another two page colour feature with five photographs of diesel and electric powered services. The old order is barely visible.
Backtrack. Vol 23 No 5 – May 2009

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