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Press Digest Number 4

58The Opening of the Styal Line”. Article by Ron Simpson. 10 pages.
The Mancunian (Manchester Locomotive Society). No.208 – January 1999
59The Styal Line up to the GroupingExplain 'Grouping'”. 5 pages
The Mancunian (Manchester Locomotive Society). March 1999
60Premier LineExplain 'The Premier Line' to Coalport”. 12 pages and 13 pictures and map. Reminisces of the Coalport Branch.
Railway Bylines. Vol.4 No.5 – April 1999
61Leighton Buzzard and the Royal Scots”. With 10 pictures and accident diagram.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.7 – April 1999
62Britain’s New Railway”. 7 page postscript on WCMLExplain 'West Coast Main Line' electrification with 6 pictures.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.7 – April 1999
63Bushey TroughsExplain 'Water Trough'”. 11 pages of text and 20 pictures taken in BR period.
Railway Bylines. Vol.8 No.6 – March 1999
64It Can Now Be Revealed”. 2 pages describing a driver’s mishap with a locomotive at Watford in 1958.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.6 – March 1999
65Around the Works”. 2 pages with 3 pictures of Crewe WorksExplain 'Crewe Works' in BR Period.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.6 – March 1999
66Taking the Quaint out of Quainton Road”. 5 pages and 9 pictures, with many references to Oxford Rewley Road station.
Railway Magazine. April 1999
67That was the year that was”. Article by Philip Atkins. Description of new locomotive designs introduced in 1903 and includes the too oft repeated words “... the self-styled Premier Line”Explain 'The Premier Line' preceding comment about the ‘Bill Bailey’Explain '“Bill Bailey” Locomotive Class' class of WebbExplain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' CompoundExplain 'Compound (1)' 4-6-0’s. Candidate for Wooden Spoon award.
Railway Magazine. April 1999

Noted in other Publications

COUNTRY QUEST Feb. 1999 (monthly magazine for Wales and The Borders). A 2 page account of the survivors’ ordeal after the sinking of HMS Tara off the North African coast in World War One. HMS Tara is better known as the express steamer SS Hibernia, built for the LNWR’s Holyhead to Greenore service in 1900. Requisitioned by the Admiralty, the Tara was given armament and as part of North Egyptian Coastal Patrol was sunk on 5th November 1915 by a German U-Boat. The 93 survivors were landed at Port Suliman and for five months the Tara’s crew suffered badly at the hands of their Turkish guards until they were liberated by a British motor patrol, led by the Duke of Westminster. The ordeal was recorded in diary form by Paymaster Alfred Dutton of Holyhead who was given a hero’s welcome on return to his home port.

BLUEBELL NEWS Spring 1999 The Bluebell News reports that the LNWR Observation Car, after a hurried repair and repaint (their words) is, in future, to be kept under cover during the winter months. The vehicle has ousted a LBSC directors saloon from storage in the carriage shed. The Observation Car needs attention to a door and some body panels on one side. The BR felt that as this vehicle generated considerable revenue its overall presentation was important to the railway’s image, hence storage under cover, a gaol, the magazine reports, that has taken eighteen years to fulfill.

The Winter Steam Up, held in February, used only pre-grouping and pre-nationalisation rolling engines and rolling stock – something of an achievement these days. The same issue of Bluebell News also reports the two year loan of the ‘North London’ tank to Barrow Hill roundhouse, Chesterfield. No restoration will take place and the engine, the oldest on view there, will eventually return to Sussex unless an alternative arrangement is made.