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Press Digest Number 35

574Mirfield”. Jeffrey Wells looks back at the rise and fall of a West Riding railway centre. Ten pages, map, 15 photographs of which 4 are in colour, 6 references. Mirfield is mostly L&Y territory, but the article mentions the LNWR's adjacent Spen Valley line to Leeds and includes a photograph of Battyeford station in LMS days.
Backtrack. Vol 21 No 5 – May 2007
575The LNWR Prince of Wales class”. Article by Bill Aves. A comprehensive 13 page history of the Prince of Wales class locomotives with numerous photographs.
Steam Days. Issue 211 – March 2007
576Home Counties North”. Article by David Idle. A 3 page photo feature with 7 colour photographs. Mostly LMS and BR standard steam at the southern end of the West Coast Main Line in the early 1960s, with electrification work in progress. There are still some glimpses of LNWR artefacts.
Backtrack. Vol 21 No 6 – June 2007
577Willesden Freight”. Article by Keith Miles. Six pages, 6 photographs from the LMS and BR periods (one of a 'Super D'), a layout diagram of the marshalling yard and tables of main line freight services to and from Willesden and other marshalling yards. The author was based at Willesden shed in 1949 and this article is part history, part description of operation and part experience from that period.
Backtrack. Vol 21 No 6 – June 2007
578Redmile for Belvoir”. David Gilks traces one of the lost railways of the East Midlands, the Great Northern/LNWR Joint line from Newark and Nottingham to Market Harborough. Six pages, 13 photographs, map and 9 references. The article includes a brief history, a review of some of the stations and the passenger and freight services.
Backtrack. Vol 21 No 6 – June 2007
579North Wales Excursions”. A 2-page photo feature about excursion trains on ex-LNWR lines in North Wales in the 1950s.
Railway Bylines. Vol 12 No 7 – June 2007
580Pre-Grouping 2-4-0s”. A 2-page feature about – you’ve guessed it – pre-grouping 2-4-0s (honest!); includes photographs taken at Northampton in 1931 of 'Precedents' Dagmar and Hardwicke as LMS nos. 5023 and 5031.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol 16 No 9 – June 2007
581The Early Railways – Their Promotion, Creation, Cost and Benefit”. Article by John L. Flann. The development of the processes used to put the early railways in place. Five pages and 9 illustrations. Of particular interest are illustrations of Linslade Cutting and the embankment near Wolverton, London & Birmingham Railway, under construction.
Backtrack. Vol 21 No 7 – July 2007
582Another Serving of Lancashire Hotpot”. A four page feature of 11 colour photographs of mostly LMS steam in the late BR period. There are a few glimpses of ex LNWR infrastructure.
Backtrack. Vol 21 No 7 – July 2007
583A Newport Pagnell miscellany”. A 4-page feature about the ex-LNWR Newport Pagnell branch in BR days. 7 photographs with extended captions.
Railway Bylines. Vol 12 No 8 – July 2007
584Meeting the ferries”. Three photos with extended captions: one of Woodside Ferry in the mid-1950s, one of Fleetwood in 1948 and the other of Holyhead in 1934.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol 16 No 10 – July 2007
585Sheffield City Road Goods Station”. A four page feature on the ex LNWR depot, consisting of a large, panoramic and atmospheric photograph taken post 1923 with an extended caption, an extract from the 1918 MR distance diagram and a section of the 1905 OS map.
LMS Journal. No 15
586Prospero”. A three-quarter page photograph of Experiment no. 1361, as rebuilt with four cylinders and Schmidt superheater, with a fully-fitted freight in the London suburbs. Although taken circa. 1926 the locomotive is still carries its LNWR identity.
LMS Journal. No 15
587Manchester Victoria”. A 10-page feature about – well, erm - Manchester Victoria station. The article is accompanied by 10 photos, mostly from the BR period.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol 16 No 11 – August 2007

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