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Press Digest Number 31

510Real Atmosphere”. A full page black and white prototype photograph of The Pullman Transport Café, formed of a grounded coach. The period is unclear. To your reviewer it looks suspiciously like an L&NWR or WCJS 65’ 6” twelve-wheel clerestory dining coach.
Model Railway Journal. No. 165 – 2006
511Orion, Darroch and the ‘Alfreds’.”. Article by R A S Hennessey. Seven pages, 10 photographs, mostly from the L&NWR period, 19 references and a bibliography. The article describes the history of the one-sixth scale ‘Orion’, recently restored and in the possession of the Stephenson Locomotive Society, the full scale ‘Alfreds’ which were its inspiration and its builder, G R S Darroch.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 5 – May 2006
512Railway Damage and Disruption in World War II: Merseyside” (Part 4) . Article by B W L Brooksbank. Five pages, 6 photographs, 16 references and a bibliography. Continuing the chronology of the recovery from the attacks suffered by the area, including the LMS Western Division lines. (Second part reference Press Digest no. 506)
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 5 – May 2006
513Mersey Docks & Harbour Board” (Part three of a three-part survey) . This part comprises 11 pages and includes 11 photographs and deals with the MD&HB locomotives, but it mentions a couple of very early ex-main line locos which were used as stationary engines at Liverpool Docks.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 11 No. 6 – May 2006
514Parsley Hay”. A two-page article about Parsley Hay station in BR days.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 11 No. 6 – May 2006
515The Reality Behind the Romance”. An article about locomotive development on the LNWR; includes 8 photographs from the pre-Grouping/LMS periods.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 15 No. 8 – May 2006 – 6
516Crewe North”. Two photographs of the tunnel which ran partly beneath Crewe North shed.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 15 No. 8 – May 2006
517LNWR 18” Express Goods 0-6-0”. Article by Ian Tattersall. The ‘Cauliflowers’ drawn and described. 3 pages, 3 photographs from the LMS and BR periods. Drawings from L&NWR and LMS/BR periods and 1800, 2000 and 2500 gallon Webb tenders. Bibliography.
Railway Modeller. Vol. 57 No. 667 – May 2006
518A Brief Survey of the Irish 4-4-0” (Part 1) . Article by Michael Rutherford. Part 1: Genesis – Or how the Irish designed a ‘Crewe’ 4-4-0 and exported it back to England. 10 pages, 17 photographs, 32 references. The author charts the movement of engineering personnel between Irish and English companies, particularly ex. Crewe ‘names’ John Aspinall, Henry Ivatt, John Park and T W and Wilson Worsdell. The subject of one of the photographs is one of the ‘Newton’ class supplied to the L&YR in 1873.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 6 – June 2006
519The Real World of the Railwaymen”. Article by Arthur R Nicholls. A short anthology of poems written by railwaymen. Two pages. Illustrated with a photograph of L&NWR employees lined up in front of ‘Precursor’ 4-4-0 No. 1104 Cedric.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 6 – June 2006
520Famous Hotel-Keepers for Over a Century: British Railway Hotels Under State Ownership, 1948-84”. Article by Geoffrey Skelsey, LVO. Ten pages, 15 photographs, 2 tables, 10 references and a bibliography. Primarily post nationalisation, but references the fate of the establishments inherited from the L&NWR and LMS.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 7 – July 2006
521The Reality Behind the Romance”. Article by Ray Fox and Mike Kinder. An eight page article about L&NWR locomotive development under George Whale, C. J. Bowen Cooke and H. P. M. Beames. Article is accompanied by 10 photographs from the LNWR and LMS periods.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 15 No. 10 – July 2006
522The Best Shed in Town”. A 2-page article with 2 photographs on the revamped Camden Roundhouse. Once a pit-stop for trains, the Roundhouse became a venue for avant-garde theatre and legendary gigs, now, after a lengthy closure, it's back. The author salutes a no-frills revamp that pays homage to its industrial and cultural past.
The Independent. Extra Section page 12 – Wednesday 7 June 2006
523Coals to Newcastle? The ‘Jellicoe Specials”. Article by Martin Bodman. Martin Bodman describes how the railways moved vast quantities of coal to fuel the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow during the First World War. 6 pages, map, 6 photographs and 41 references. The photographs include L&NWR four-cylinder compound 0-8-0s on coal trains at Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury and climbing Shap, and a G1 at Carlisle Upperby.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 8 – August 2006
524A Motley Collection – Locomotives of the Alexandra Docks Railway”. Article by Peter Treloar. Four pages and 9 photographs. The collection includes two of L&NWR origin, 0-6-2ST No. 7 Pontypridd, originally a Sharp built long boiler 0-6-0, and 0-6-0T No. 5 J. C. Parkinson built by the Worcester Engine Co. which came to the ADR via the Metropolitan, Sirhowy and L&NW Railways.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 8 – August 2006
525The Last Day on the Daventry Branch”. An 8-page article about ‘last day’ activities on the Leamington-Daventry-Weedon branch on 13 September 1958. The article is accompanied by 13 photographs.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 11 No. 9 – August 2006
526Liverpool Exchange”. Article by Paul Anderson. A 9-page article about the L&Y station which had a brief period under L&NWR proprietorship. The article is accompanied by 14 photographs, mostly from the early 1950s.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 15 No. 11 – August 2006
527The Pullman Transport Café”. Three letters confirming the identity of the grounded coach featured in Press Digest item no. 510 – an L&NWR First Class Kitchen Diner to D30.
Model Railway Journal. No. 167 – 2006

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