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Press Digest Number 3

37Yesterday’s Trains Scrapbook”. Based on postcards. A colour publication of 64 (mainly Australian) trains in early 1900’s, with a number of international items. A few howlers creep in e.g. LNWR 2-4-0 with outside cylinders, and an atmospheric scene of Greater Britain hauling a train painted in improved engine green. (Thank you, Mike Claridge) [Topmill Pty. Ltd., 102 Victoria Road, Marrickville, NSW, 2204 Australia]
Yesterday Series. Vol.5
38Crewe’s Railway Age in Crisis”. Article by David Wilcock. With 7 photos.
Steam Railway. December 1998 – pp 42–46
39Quainton Road to house Rewley Road Station”. With diagram of projected scheme.
Steam Railway. December 1998
40Willesden Shed”. Article by Ian Sixsmith. 12 pages with 16 photos and a track plans.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.2
41Moor Row Shed”. Article by Tim Shuttleworth. 11 pages and many photographs, with copious reference to LNWR involvement.
Railway Bylines. Vol.4 No.1 – December 1998
42LMS Sentinel Locos and Railcars”. 16 pages, with reference to those used at ex-LNWR locations.
Railway Bylines Annual. No.2 – November 1998
43North London Tanks”. Article by Bill Ayes. 9 pages and 16 photos. Deals with NLRExplain 'North London Railway (NLR)' 0-6-0T’s and their LNWR, LMS and BR history.
Railway Bylines. Vol.4 No.2 – January 1999
44Port of Preston”. 10 pages and 14 photos. Reference is made to LNWR/LYR Ribble Branch.
Railway Bylines. Vol.4 No.2 – January 1999
45Ten Princes”. addendum.
Railway Observer. October 1998
46Photography by John Benson. Picture of No.49243 approaching Barrs Court on 23.9.55
Railway Observer. November 1998 – p478
47Britain’s New Railway” (Part 2) . Article by Peter J. Coster. 12 pages and 17 photos dealing with civil engineeringExplain 'Civil Engineering' in preparation for electrification of the ex-LNWR main line.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.3 – December 1998
48War Report”. 2 photos of exterior of New Street Station in July 1946.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.3 – December 1998
49Too many crossings”. 4 views taken in 1972 of the level crossingsExplain 'Level Crossing' on the Bedford to Bletchley line.
British Railways Illustrated Annual. No.7
50Nocturne”. 2 night-time shots taken at EustonExplain 'Euston, London' in 1944.
British Railways Illustrated Annual. No.7
51Is the Railway Age dying on its feet?”. Mailbag gives readers response. Said to be let down by lack of local support, yet has a bright future.
Steam Railway. February 1999 – p62
52Britain’s New Railway” (Part 3) . Article by Peter J. Coster. 10 pages with 13 photos. Last part, dealing with WCMLExplain 'West Coast Main Line' electrification.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.5 – February 1999
53Around the Works”. 2 page feature with 3 photos, of Crewe WorksExplain 'Crewe Works' in BR period.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.5 – February 1999
54Leaving Euston”. 2 captioned photos of EustonExplain 'Euston, London' in the 1950’s.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.5 – February 1999
55Seen at Crewe”. 4 photos at Crewe, BR steam with 1 ‘Peak’ diesel.
BackTrack. December 1998
56A New Start for the Brain Trains?”. Closure and possible revival of the Oxford to Cambridge line: article with map of line at 1960: photographs and statistics, mainly DMU period.
BackTrack. January 1999
57An Introduction to Gauge 3Explain '3 Gauge' – Main Line Steam in the Garden” (Main Line Steam in the Garden) . Article by Tag Gordon. Lots of LNWR engines and stock, plus a model of Holyhead.
Railway Modeller. February 1999 – p88