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Press Digest Number 29

480Abergavenny (Brecon Road)”. Three photographs of the station, all taken in 1964.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 10 No. 12 – November 2005
481LNWR steam railmotors”. An 8-page article looking at the SRMs and their working lives; includes 12 photographs.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 11 No. 1 – December 2005
482The beauty of Crewe”. Article by Jonathan Glancey. Jonathan Glancey explains why the home of steam age locomotives can teach us something about how to build modern towns. He says nice things about the L&NWR and F W Webb, and the “sustainable community” they developed in the 19th century.
The Guardian. 6 December 2005
483LNWR ‘Improved Precedent’ 2-4-0”. Article by Ian Tattersall. The Premier Line speedsters drawn and described. 3 pages, 4 photographs from the LMS period, drawings, 5 references.
Railway Modeller. Vol. 56 – December 2005
484Allocation of Engines - Western 'A' Division 1926. Tank engines” (Part 2) . Article by William Dunn. Second article, based upon official LMS documents, which gives the shed allocation of all ex L&NWR tank engines. All classes are illustrated. 8 pages, 19 photographs.
LMS Journal. No. 12
485Locomotive Details - Rotary Cam Poppet Valves” (Part 2) . Article by David Hunt. Includes details and pictures of the Claughtons that were fitted with rotary cam valve gear. 10 pages, 9 photographs, 8 drawings.
LMS Journal. No. 12
486A Journey by Design ” (Part 1) . Article by Keith Hill. The author looks at the relative importance of the railway in Victorian life, and the many railway stations designed by prominent architects with classical inspiration. Particular mention is made of Philip Hardwick’s Doric Arch and Great Hall at Euston for the London and Birmingham Railway, and Huddersfield joint station with the L&Y. 8 pages and 15 photographs.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 no. 1 – January 2006
487Carlisle - A Railway Crossroads”. Article by David Anderson. A history of the train services provided by the four English based companies serving Carlisle from inception until the end of steam. Many references to LNWR working with numerous relevant photographs. 14 pages.
Steam Days. No. 197
488Mersey Docks & Harbour Board” (Part 1) . This, the first of a hefty three-part article, concentrates on the MD&HB railways but it also refers to the L&NWR lines which were connected to the dock system. Among the 13 photographs accompanying the article is an early view of Riverside station.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 11 No. 3 – February 2006
489Motive Power Improver”. Article by Keith Miles. Personal experiences at Willesden working in the running sheds. 16 pages, 10 photographs, LMS Rating Plan for Willesden and examples of a Drivers Ticket and an Examination and Repair Card. The photographs include Super D’s and the enginemen’s hostel in Gresty Road, Crewe.
LMS Journal. No. 13
490The Locomotives named after holders of the Victoria Cross”. Article by Geoff Holt. The story about the men and the machines that carried their names. 6 pages, 6 photographs.
LMS Journal. No. 13
491Railway Damage and Disruption in World War II: Merseyside” (Part 1) . Article by B.W.L. Brooksbank. A general survey of the area including the ex. L&NWR lines. 7 pages, 7 photographs, 2 maps, 15 references.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 2 – February 2006
492Concrete Progress – The Railways and Reinforced Concrete”. Article by Jeffrey Wells. The article references the use by the L&NWR of reinforced concrete piles for Stonebridge Park station, opened on 15 June 1912. 6 pages, 8 photographs and 19 references.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 2 – February 2006
493Punch’s Railway and the Wrinkle Railway”. Article by Alistair F. Nisbet. The article explores the West London line, the cross London link between the main lines North and South of the capital. 5 pages, 8 photographs and a map.
Backtrack. Vol. 20 No. 2 – February 2006

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