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405Manchester, Bury, Rochdale & Oldham Steam Tramways loco”. Photograph of the former Manchester, Bury, Rochdale & Oldham Steam Tramways loco (latterly the Ince Forge shunter) at Crewe Works in October 1963.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 9 No. 12 – November 2004
406From Bloomers to Tops – Locomotive classification through the ages” (A Brief Summary) . Article by R.A.S. Hennessey. 8 pages, 17 photographs (none LNWR) and 13 references. A fascinating survey of how classification systems developed - a ‘Four Foot Three’ or a ‘4ft 3in Eight-coupled Coal Engine (Superheated)’ or a ‘Class G1’ or a ‘Super D’ or a ‘Duck Eight’? And what if the first in class was named? The author uses examples from many railways at home and abroad, with our company figuring strongly.
Backtrack. Vol. 18 No. 12 – December 2004
407Another Time, Another Place”. Photography by Paul Strong. Two page photo feature of historic station photographs from the Paul Strong/Pendragon Collection. One, of Trawsfynydd on the GWR Bala Junction to Blaenau Ffestiniog branch circa. 1912, shows soldiers, horses and gun carriages of the Royal Artillery being unloaded for their summer camp. I’d swear that the train is a rake of arc roofed LNWR coaches and NPCS.
Backtrack. Vol. 18 No. 12 – December 2004
408Dirty Old Town”. Article by Alan Tyson. (reference Ewan MacColl). Four page colour feature from Alan Tyson, with 9 photographs taken on the Liverpool main line to the west of Manchester and Salford in the 1960s. Features Manchester Exchange and Victoria, Eccles Junction, Patricroft and ex. LMS, BR and WD locomotives.
Backtrack. Vol. 18 No. 12 – December 2004
409Cross the Line by the Bridge”. Photography by Stephen Dent. One page colour photograph feature from the Stephen Dent collection. One of the three photographs is of the covered footbridge at Hooton on the Birkenhead Joint line, of LNWR origin – but in late BR period.
Backtrack. Vol. 18 No. 12 – December 2004
410Newton Heath shed”. 12-page article (Part one of three) about the L&Y shed which, of course, had a brief period under the LNWR.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 14 No. 3 – December 2004
411Around Tebay and Oxenholme”. Article by Brian Magilton. Two page colour photograph feature with 6 photographs of mostly BR steam from the 1960s.
Backtrack. Vol. 19 No. 1 – January 2005
412Dreadful Disaster on the Buckinghamshire Railway at Bicester”. Article by Alistair F. Nisbet. Five pages, two maps and five photographs from the 1960s and 80s. The LNWR operated the Buckinghamshire Railway from its opening. The author reviews the evidence given at the inquest after the fatal accident to an excursion train on 6 September 1851.
Backtrack. Vol. 19 No. 1 – January 2005
413Locomotive Repairs on the LMS”. Article by David Hunt. 21 pages, 15 photographs, diagrams, tables and notes. The author explains how the system used by the LMS developed from the practices used by constituent companies. The Crewe belt system is explained and there are two photographs taken in the Crewe erecting shop in 1930.
LMS Journal. No. 8
414Line Societies No. 8 - London & North Western Railway Society”. Our society’s objectives and services described. Illustrated with two photographs of Claughtons in the LMS period.
LMS Journal. No. 8
415Rugby”. Article by Bob Essery. 4 pages, 9 photographs from the LMS and BR periods, 3 maps/station diagrams. The photographs are of the excellence we have come to expect and include one of the South end signal gantry.
LMS Journal. No. 8
416Memorandums to S.J.Symes from E.S.Cox” (Prince of Wales Class Engines) . 2 pages with 2 photographs of PoWs in the LMS period. The memorandums dated May 1931 give the results of investigations into the reason for high maintenance costs – particularly fractured frames and hot driving boxes.
LMS Journal. No. 8
417Narrow Gauge to the Quarry”. ’Fraid this is a very tenuous LNWR connection indeed, but here goes… A 6 page ‘photo and extended caption’ feature about narrow gauge quarry railways in the late 1960s and very early 1970s which includes pictures of Adswood Brickworks’ quarries at Stockport, the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway and quarries at Earls Barton (by the Northampton-Wellingborough line), all of which were either close to or indirectly linked to ex-LNWR lines.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 10 No. 2 – January 2005
418Newton Heath shed”. 7-page article (part two of a three-part article) about the L&Y shed which, of course, had a brief period under the LNWR.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 14 No. 4 – January 2005
419Arriving and Loading”. A two-page photo feature about BR road vehicles; includes two photographs of lorries at Camden Goods Depot.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 14 No. 4 – January 2005
420LNWR ‘George the Fifth’ and rebuilt ‘Precursor’ Class 4-4-0s”. Scale drawings (4mm:1foot) and notes of the locomotives as built/rebuilt and running in 1947. Also included are Whale and Bowen-Cooke tender varieties and a bibliography of 5 entries.
Railway Modeller. Vol. 56 No. 651 – January 2005
421Victoria Crosses – LNWR Railwaymen”. A tribute to the three LNWR men awarded the VC for gallantry and a feature on the Claughton and Patriot locomotives that bore their names.
Steam Days. No. 183 – November 2004
422G2 to Barry Island”. Photography by T.J. Edgington. Photograph of G2 49409 heading a Heads of the Valley to Barry Island summer excursion in July 1957.
Steam Days. No. 183 – November 2004
423Willesden Motive Power Depot”. Article by Andrew Wilson. A detailed 14 page history with numerous photos of LNWR locos.
Steam Days. No. 184 – December 2004
424LMS Stations, New Openings and Closures”. Article by John Edgington & Bob Essery. 9 pages, 11 photographs, tables, map and extracts from the LMS Traffic minutes. The authors list all openings and closures in the period from 1923 to 1948, with pre-grouping locations. In particular there is a copy of the minute for Belmont on the Stanmore Branch, opened in 1932, with a photograph.
LMS Journal. No. 9
425LNWR tender no. 1806”. The rear cover has a full page photograph of LNWR tender No. 1806, thought to be taken post-World War 2. No other information available.
LMS Journal. No. 9
426In and Out of Leeds”. Article by Joe Richardson. 2 page colour photo feature of BR and ex. LMS steam around Leeds in the 1960s. The six photographs show a number of ex. LNWR features, including signals and the shed at Farnley Junction.
Backtrack. Vol. 19 No. 2 – February 2005
427Berkhamsted Gas Works”. A somewhat tenuous LNWR connection, I’m afraid… Two photographs of the horse-worked tramway to Berkhamsted Gas Works; the tramway ran alongside the main line embankment to the north of Berkhamsted station.
Railway Bylines. Vol.10 No.3 – February 2005
428Newton Heath shed”. 9-page article (part three of three) about the L&Y shed which, of course, had a brief period under the LNWR.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.14 No.5 – February 2005

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