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Press Digest Number 2

12Gallery”. Large picture of LYRExplain 'Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (LYR)' No.1300 standing alongside ‘Coal Tank’Explain 'Coal Tank 0-6-2T Locomotive Class' No.1054 at Shackerstone on the evening of 1st August.
Steam Railway. September 1998
13NRM Extension”. Describes new work including provision for Super ‘D’Explain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' No.9395 partly restored, inside the Triangle area.
Steam Railway. October 1998
14Enginemen’s Fines”. Describes 6 examples of fines imposed on LNWR enginemen at the turn of the century.
Steam Railway. October 1998
15The Glorious Years”. 6 paragraph resumé and picture of LNWR Society member John Crawley.
Steam Railway. October 1998
16Is the (Crewe) Railway Age dying on its feet?”. Article by David Wilcock. An analysis which makes comparison with visits ten years ago and today.
Steam Railway. October 1998
17A paragraph on Chester – Holyhead 150th Anniversary.
Railway World. September 1998
18Build new steam locos!”. Article by Handal Kardas and Bob Meanley. A 5 page analysis of preserved steam and its realities. The need for smaller engines and fewer big ones, with a preferred choice of 20 ‘Coal Engines’Explain 'Coal Engine 0-6-0 Locomotive Class' to be built! 3 LNWR illustrations.
Railway World. September 1998
19The Huddersfield Midland Branch”. Article by Neil Fraser. With references to relationship with the LNWR.
BackTrack. October 1998
20Classic ClaughtonsExplain 'Claughton 4-6-0 Locomotive Class' in LMS days”. Article by David Jenkinson. 8 pages and 14 photographs with references to workings on the Midland Division.
BackTrack. October 1998
21Locos of the Premier LineExplain 'The Premier Line'”. With colour photographs taken in LMS days of 8337, 6926, 9162, 25673 Lusitania and 25383 Falaba.
BackTrack. October 1998
22Northern Counties CommitteeExplain 'Northern Counties Committee' – the LMS In Ireland”. Includes references to LNWR interests on the DNGRExplain 'Dundalk Newry & Greenore Railway'. North Wall and Dublin and South Eastern Railway.
BackTrack. October 1998
23Earls Court and the District Line”. Mentions the NLR/LNWR Outer Circle Broad St. – Mansion House, later Earls Court service. Also shows it on map, but no photographs.
BackTrack. November 1998
24Moving the Station Building at Frodsham”. (LNWR & GWR Joint): plans and photographs.
BackTrack. November 1998
25Britain’s New Railway” (Part 1) . Article by P.J. Coster. 11 page article on the vast works undertaken in 1950’s in preparation for electrification of ex-LNWR lines, with 16 photographs.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.1 – October 1998
26Forum”. Photography by R.C. Riley. 4 pictures taken at Blaenau Ffestiniog on 4th July 1951.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.8 No.1 – October 1998
27North London Crane TankExplain 'Crane Tank 0-4-2CT Locomotive Class'”. A captioned picture of No.58856.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.8 – October 1998
28Branch Lines to Winsford”. Full-length article covering the LNWR branch to Over and Wharton.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.9 – November 1998
29New Ribble Steam Railway” (Part 1) . Large paragraph on new project in Preston Docks incorporating exhibits from Southport’s Steamport and Fleetwood. Connected to Preston station by a 1-mile branch, it secures the rights to operation in the event of any freight revival on the branch.
Steam World. September 1998 – p17
29New Ribble Steam Railway” (Part 2) .
Steam World. October 1998 – p14
30Anglesey Council to buy Amlwch branch for £300,000”. Large paragraph and picture and description of a scheme to operate as a heritage railway, with hopes of steam operation.
Steam Railway. September 1998 – p16
31Pontypool and Blaenavon extension”. Torfaen Borough Council have agreed a lease to the PBRExplain 'Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway'. The site is to be short listed for World Heritage Status as an area of industrial archaeology. It is to include the whole of the current operating line from Furnace Siding to the Whistle Inn and the planned extension south to Blaenavon High Level. It would also cover Blaenavon Ironworks, Big Pit Museum and the recently restored Workman’s Hall.
Steam Railway. September and October 1998
32Cab photo of ‘Problem’ class.”. The lower illustration on page 33 depicting No.935 Planet also shows the cab of LNWR No.610 Princess Royal, a ‘Problem’ class locoExplain 'Problem 2-2-2 Locomotive Class'.
Locomotives Illustrated. Vol.121 – October 1998 – p33
33Brief resumé on the 3 LNWR holders of the VC, concluding with a view of No.15537 Private E. Sykes at Springs Branch in October 1959.
Source not known.
34Workington Bill”. Article by Chris Dixon. A 4 page personal story with photographs, on the life of Bill Jones, a 96 year old former driver who began at Workington, moved to Llandudno Junction, and concluded his work at Patricroft Shed at Christmas 1967. Describes cleaning, working as a passed foreman in 1938, engines, routes, lodging turns, his last steam engine (No.45512 Bunsen) and his final duty on a d.m.u. A remarkable life story.
Railway World. October 1998
35Ten Princes”. Article by C. Holden. During 1916 Crewe Works produced 10 ‘Princes’ bearing names of wartime association. An explanation of each name is given in an engaging study.
The Railway Observer. October 1998 – pp 132–134
36GN and LNW Joint Line Memories”. Article by E.N.C. Heywood. This is a reflection of the Nottingham – Northampton route in the early 1930s. The author cycled down to Netherfield and Colwick station to make his observations. A study of a backwater where BR No.46666 was used on a final journey to Market Harborough.
SLS Journal. Sept/Oct 1998 – pp 186–188