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Press Digest Number 18

292LNWR 0-8-0 No.485 Super D (1921)”. Some detail white-metalling and machining work to finish off the connecting rods prior to their dispatch to Crewe.
NRM Review. Winter 2002/03
293Stafford Railway Building Society”. Celebrates with a bumper year. SRBS was originally formed by the LNWR to take savings and lend mortgages to employees of the railway as well as the people of Stafford.
The Sentinel. 5th Feb 2003
294Ynys Mon”. A two page photo feature. Three photos show Llangwyllog, with the Amwlch branch push-pull being crossed by 78003 with a goods train; fourth photo shows the Amlwch push-pull train at Bangor. All photos taken in July 1964.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 8 No. 4 – March 2003
295Lingering in Lancs”. OK – it’s not really LNW, but ... 6 page feature about industrial locos at various collieries in South Lancashire in the 1950s; the tenuous Premier Line connection is that some of the collieries shown were connected to the LNW. Feature comprises 9 photos with very hefty captions.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 8 No. 4 – March 2003
296They Used to Set on Fire”. An 8-page article about the CauliflowersExplain '‘Cauliflower’ 0-6-0 Locomotive Class' in LMS and early BR days. Includes 10 photographs.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 6 – March 2003
297Euston Pilot”. 2 photographs of 47559 (Fowler 0-6-0T) on pilot duties at (you’ve guessed it!) Euston circa 1960.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 6 – March 2003
298Line Societies No.3”. The North London Railway Historical Society”. A one page introduction, with a photograph of 0-6-0T No.27512 (LMS).
LMS Journal. No. 3
299Further information on the Beames 0-8-4Ts from Phillip Atkins, NRM. Previous Press Digest reference 265
LMS Journal. No. 3
300The Harborne Branch”. Article by Steven Robertson. A short history of the line with lots photographs – mostly LMS & BR and one circa. 1906. 23 pages, 43 photographs, 2 maps, timetables & WTTExplain 'Working Time Table (WTT)' appendices. Excellent!
LMS Journal. No. 3
301Railway Damage and Disruption in World War II Birmingham and surrounding area” (Part 2) . Article by B.W.L. Brooksbank. 7 page feature with 5 photographs and 16 references. Previous Press Digest reference 271.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 3 – March 2003
302Last Rites for Old Euston”. Photography by Martin Welch. Photo feature with 3 pages and 6 photographs. Scenes of demolition and rebuilding from the early 1960’s. Previous Press Digest reference 260.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 3 – March 2003
303Memories of Bickershaw”. 6 page article about Bickershaw Colliery which connected with the LNWR near Wigan.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 8 No. 5 – April 2003
304Super D Tales”. Article by Edward Talbot. 4 page article about drivers’ experiences with Super DsExplain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class'. 5 b/w photographs from the 1930s and early 1950s.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 7 – April 2003
305Bricket Wood station”. 6 page feature about Bricket Wood station – a typical outer suburban station on the St. Albans branch. Feature comprises 9 b/w photographs (all taken in May 1955) with detailed captions and printed items including a 1939 25½inch Ordnance Survey map.
Railway Bylines Annual. No.6
306A House of Many Mansions – Railways and Religion”. Article by R.A.S. Hennessey. 6 page featureconsidering various aspects of the influence of the Church on the development of the railways, with 9 illustrations and 14 references. Includes the Quakers and the Liverpool and Manchester, sons of churchmen, McConnellExplain 'McConnell, James Edward (1815—1883)' and Wolverton, WebbExplain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' and Crewe and several other LNWR references.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 4 – April 2003
307Railway Damage and Disruption in World War II Birmingham and surrounding area” (Part 3) . Article by B.W.L. Brooksbank. The final part, 6-page feature with 5 photographs 8 references and a 13 entry bibliography. Previous Press Digest references 271 & 301.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 5 – May 2003
308Diggle, Gateway to Standedge Tunnel”. Article by Brian Magilton. 2-page colour photograph feature. 6 photographs of trains taken between 1963 & 1968, 4 of ex. LMS Stanier power and one of a ‘Peak’.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 5 – May 2003

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Bob Essery has emailed me the contents of LMS Journal No. 4 published at Easter – LMS Northern Division Passenger train formations, Garratts, LMS Signals Part 4*, Gayton Loop Blisworth*,L&Y 1400 Class, Injectors in service, Wick & Lybster, Liverpool Central, By the Book Part 2*, Line Society: MRS
(No sign of an entry from the Premier Line!)
* denotes LNWR or LMS Western Division article or content.

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