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Press Digest Number 17

259Handing on the Baton: From Frank to George” (Part 2) . Article by Michael Rutherford. No. 94 in his Railway Reflections series. 9 pages, 9 photographs of mostly Ramsbottom Explain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' and Webb Explain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' locomotives, and 33 references. Continues the account of Webb’s career, from his return to Crewe Explain 'Crewe Works' as Locomotive Superintendent Explain 'Locomotive Superintendent' to the introduction of the first compounds Explain 'Compounding', put it in context of the development of the company and railways in general.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 12 – December 2002
260Shades of Old EustonExplain 'Euston, London'”. Photography by Martin Welch. Photo feature with 4 pages and 9 photographs. The photographs are from the 1950’s – platforms, trains, vehicles, people, the station forecourt and the Doric Arch.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 12 – December 2002
261Tunnel Visions”. Two colour photographs of tunnel entrances, including the western portal to Disley Tunnel on the LNWR Buxton – Stockport line.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 12 – December 2002
262Detail Corner”. Article by G.H. Platt. A delightful detail photograph of ex. LNWR 5ft 6in tank Explain '5ft 6in 2-4-2 Tank Locomotive Class'No.6635 taking water at Chester circa. 1939, with a very detailed caption.
LMS Journal. No. 1
263LMS Signals”. Article by L. G. Warburton. Article includes a full page photograph and caption of a typical ex. LNWR 3–doll balanced signal at Willesden Junction in August 1953.
LMS Journal. No. 1
264Allocation of Engines Part 1 – Western ‘A’ Division 1926”. Article by William Dunn. 5 pages and 11 photographs. Extracts from an LMS document of the same name, covering the allocation and loading of the passenger classes, mostly ex. LNWR.
LMS Journal. No. 1
265The LNWR 0-8-4T Engines”. Article by R. Hadley. A potted history of the class with 5 pages, 6 photographs, weight diagram and table of running numbers, build and withdrawal dates.
LMS Journal. No. 1
266Fowlers in the Field”. 8 page article about the LMS Fowler 2-6-2Ts’ activities in BR days. OK – we know that the Fowler Tanks were not LNWR locos, but the article includes photographs of class members at work at Coalport, Bricket Wood (on the Watford — St. Albans branch), Greenfield (Lancs) and Manchester London Road, and also on shed at Coventry.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 8 No. 1 – December 2002
267Sutton Oak – Serving St. Helens” (Part 2) . Second of a 2 part feature about Sutton Oak shed and its duties. This part, which covers 6 pages and includes 7 photos, concentrates mainly on the shed’s duties.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 3 – December 2002
268Around the Works”. Four photographs of locomotives at Crewe WorksExplain 'Crewe Works' in early 1954; the locos in question had been spruced up in readiness for exhibition at the International Railway Congress at Willesden shed in May 1954.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 3 – December 2002
269Handing on the Baton: From Frank to George” (Part 3) . Article by Michael Rutherford. No. 95 in his Railway Reflections series, with 10 pages, 10 photographs of Webb Explain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' and Churchward Explain 'Churchward, George Jackson (1857—1933)' locomotives, and 23 references. Completes the account of Webb’s career and his retirement and death, with a link to Churchward’s early days as CME Explain 'CME' of the GWR Explain 'Great Western Railway (GWR)'.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 1 – January 2003
270Shed Visits”. 2 page colour photo feature of steam sheds in BR days with 5 photographs, including Carnforth, Paticroft and Willesden.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 1 – January 2003
271Railway Damage and Disruption in World War II Birmingham and surrounding area” (Part 1) . Article by B.W.L. Brookbank. 6 page feature with map, 4 photographs and 18 references. Includes an outline of the lines and traffic bottlenecks in the Birmingham area including those ex. LNWR.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 1 – January 2003
272The Midland CompoundExplain 'Compounding' in Retrospect” (Part 1) . Article by David Jenkinson. Sorry Gentlemen, but the author does put the development of the Midland Compound in the context of earlier work by Webb Explain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' and the constraints placed upon him by the Company and includes a nice photograph of John HickExplain 'John Hick 2-2-2-2 Locomotive Class' No.1505 “Richard Arkwright”.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 1 – January 2003
273Manchester Victoria & Exchange”. 3 page photo feature with a map of the Manchester District and 3 photographs from the LMS period.
LMS Journal. No. 2
274The Motor-Fitted LNWR Coal Tanks Explain 'Coal Tank 0-6-2T Locomotive Class'”. Article by R. Hadley. 11 pages, 13 photographs (some full page with excellent detail), extracts from an LMS booklet listing lines authorised to be worked over, table of locomotives known to be fitted and 3 references.
LMS Journal. No. 2
275A Crossing to Bear”. A 4 page article, accompanied by 5 photographs, about the level crossingsExplain 'Level Crossing' on the Bletchley – Bedford line.
Railway Bylines. Vol.8 No.2 – January 2003
276Bob on Tour”. A 4 page feature about the RCTS Explain 'Railway Correspondence & Travel Society (RCTS)' ‘North Wales Rail Tour’ of 2 October 1955 which included several ex-LNWR lines. The 5 photographs include the tour train at Dyserth, Corwen (OK – the station was GWR but LNWR trains used to go there) and Coed Talon.
Railway Bylines. Vol. 8 No. 2 – January 2003
277True North Western Style”. Article by Keith Miles. A very readable 6 page account of last decade of the ‘Princes’Explain 'Prince of Wales 4-6-0 Locomotive Class', with emphasis on their work on the southern part of the WCML Explain 'West Coast Main Line', including a reference to the fatal Lichfield crash of January 1946, which involved No.25802. Particularly evocative is a Henry Casserley photo of the last of the class to survive, No.25752, arriving at Watford Junction on a summer’s evening in September 1946. The article is accompanied by 9 photographs from the late 1930s and ’40s.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 4 – January 2003
278Hijacked by Chartists – An Incident from 1839”. Article by Andrew Swift and Kirsten Elliott. 2 pages. The article describes an incident on the Sirhowy Tramroad during the Chartist riots in November 1839. The Sirhowy Tramroad was taken over by the LNWR in 1875.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 2 – February 2003
279Take Notice”. A 2 page colour photo feature of railway signs. Includes a Chester & Holyhead Railway Bye-Laws sign at Holywell in 1965.
Backtrack. Vol. 17 No. 2 – February 2003
280Heaton Norris Junction”. An 8 page article looking mainly at the changes to the signalling at Heaton Norris in the 1950s. The article is accompanied by 14 photographs from the BR period.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 5 – February 2003
281High Leicestershire”. A 2 page feature about the LNW/GN Joint line between Welham Junction and Bottesford. The article is accompanied by 3 photographs – one from the 1930s, one from the 1940s and the other from the 1950s.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 12 No. 5 – February 2003
282The Next Phase” (Part 1) . Article by Don Rowland. A 7 page article about the evolution and construction and subsequent history of his ‘Central Cheshire’ P4 Explain 'P4 system' layout, with excellent mono pictures showing superb LNWR freight locomotives, Northlight engine shed and water tank.
Model Railway Journal. No. 138 – 2002
283Article by Peter Leyland. A 2 page colour feature on the construction of a 7mm Explain 'O Gauge' LNWR brick goods shed, with full interior. An excellent model, which was inspired by drawings in Jack Nelson’s ‘LNWR Portrayed’.
British Railway Modelling. November 2002
284Book review of ‘ Eight-coupled Goods Engines’, by Edward Talbot, illustrated with a Frank Hornby photo of No.48964 at Crewe South in BR condition
Railway Modeller. October 2002
285LNWR Coal Tank”. Article by Charlie King. A 2 page account, with colour illustrations, of the construction of a well-built and finished O gauge Explain 'O Gauge' Coal Tank Explain 'Coal Tank 0-6-2T Locomotive Class' kit produced by Mercian Model Railways. The author describes the kit as ‘a well thought out and designed kit, suitable for both the beginner and more experienced modeller.’
Railway Modeller. October 2002
286Oxenholme”. An 8 page description of the OO gauge Explain 'OO Gauge' layout of Oxenholme, built by members of the Blackburn and East Lancs MRS. The layout is set in the 1950s.
Railway Modeller. October 2002
287The Next Phase” (Part 2) . Article by Don Rowland. Concluding part of the description of author’s Central Cheshire layout, which includes a plan and illustration of Bolton’s Great Moor Street, a compact terminus station ideal for a 4mm Explain 'OO Gauge' layout.
Model Railway Journal. No. 139 – 2002
288The South Leicestershire Railway”. Article by Stanley Jenkins. A 17 page history of the Nuneaton to Leicester railway line, of which the Nuneaton to Wigston North Junction portion was LNWR, then Midland Railway to Leicester (London Road). There are two interesting but undated photos of LNWR engines at work, 2-4-2T No.2266 is portrayed near Wigston (uncredited photo) with a seven coach local while the other shows Cauliflower Explain '‘Cauliflower’ 0-6-0 Locomotive Class' 0-6-0 No.1719 emerging from Knighton Tunnel with a passenger train. Although most of the stations on the LNW section, such as Narborough, were brick-built, standard Crewe huts were much in evidence as platform accommodation.
Steam Days. January 2003
289An interview with Pete Waterman and his LNWR operations at Crewe. Waterman states that the ‘Super D’Explain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class', No.9395, will not steam until late 2003.
Heritage Railway. February 2003
290The Scot Connection”. Article by W.A.T. Aves. Survey of the locomotives bearing names from the works of Sir Walter Scott (in connection with ten years of ‘Redgauntlet Publications’). One page of 3 photos plus text covers LNWR 2-2-2 Rob Roy, 2-2-2-0 Jeanie Deans and ‘Problem’ 4-6-0 Red Gauntlet.
Steam Days. No. 163 – March 2003
291LNWR Passenger Tank Locomotives”. Article by J.W.P. Rowledge. Up to the usual high standard of production for this series. The 42 pages cover the history of LNWR tank locomotives from ‘Chopper’ 2-4-0’s to the Bowen Cooke 4-6-2’s. Photographs from many sources, some familiar and others not so well known. Price £3.20 (£4.15 incl. postage from RAS Publishing, Double Houses, Charing Heath Road, Charing, Ashford, Kent TN27 0AT)
Locomotives Illustrated. No.147 – Jan/Feb 2003

With thanks to Roger Carvell, Martin Smith and Chris James.

For the LMS Journal entries I’ve included the main articles and photographs of L&NWR interest. There are a number of other articles containing photographs taken on the Western Division – of excellent quality.

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