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Press Digest Number 16

242Through the Tunnels at Chester”. Article by Jim Carter. 2 page photo feature. 6 photographs taken between 1959 and 1964 with LMS and GWR motive power.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 9 – September 2002
243Station Scenes”. Article by S C Dent. 2 page colour photo feature. Includes photograph of Furness Vale on the Stockport Edgeley to Buxton branch taken in early 1981. A traditional scene including ex. LNWR signal box Explain 'Signal Box', gated level crossing Explain 'Level Crossing', stone buildings and cast iron footbridge.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 9 – September 2002
244Carlisle Coronations”. 4 page photo feature about Coronations at Carlisle in BR days.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No.12 – September 2002
245The Harrow Disaster”. 10 page article with 9 photographs and one track plan about the Harrow & Wealdstone disaster of October 1952.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No.12 – September 2002
246Buxton shed and Snowploughs”. 8 page photo feature about – would you guess it from the title – snowplough Explain 'Snow Plough' work at Buxton shed. Article deals mainly with the famously bad winter of 1962/63 and looks at snow clearance duties on the Ashbourne line and the Cromford & High PeakExplain 'Cromford & High Peak Railway (CHPR)'. Brrrrrrr…
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.12 No.1 – October 2002
247BBC’s Rainhill re-enactment under way”. The BBC are re-enacting the Rainhill Trails Explain 'Rainhill Trials' at the Llangollen Railway, with replicas of “Rocket”, “Novelty” and “Sans Pareil” (photographs of the later two).
Steam Railway. No. 276 – October 2002
248Super D’s first steaming to be at Crewe Works Open Day”. Super DExplain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' 0-8-0 No.9395 is to make a triumphant return to steam next year at its birthplace – Crewe WorksExplain 'Crewe Works'. No Photographs.
Steam Railway. No. 276 – October 2002
249National Service – Railway Operating Division Explain 'Railway Operating Division' Locomotives of the Great War”. 3 page photo feature from the Paul Strong collection with extended captions by Niall Ferguson. 10 photographs. Includes ROD No.3411, a 17in Coal EngineExplain '17in Coal Engine 0-6-0 Locomotive Class', at Rouxmesnil in 1917.
BackTrack. Vol. 16 No. 10 – October 2002
250Fateful Journey from Crewe”. Article by Peter Tatlow. 2 pages, 3 photographs. The Chairman of the LMS Society reflects on the 50th anniversary of the Harrow & Wealdstone disaster.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 10 – October 2002
251Letter from J.P. Watson regarding railway charities includes reference to one quarter scale models of LNWR coaches built at Wolverton in 1910.
BackTrack. Vol. 16 No. 10 – October 2002
252Bridging the Gaps”. Article by S.C. Dent. 2 page colour photo feature with 4 photographs. Includes a photograph of the MBR Explain 'Manchester & Birmingham Railway (MBR)' and LNWR built viaducts Explain 'Viaduct' at Wilmslow.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 10 – October 2002
253Sutton Oak – Serving St. Helens” (Part 1) . First part of a two-part feature about Sutton Oak shed and its duties. This part covers 10 pages and includes 9 photos (all BR period) and a track plan of the shed.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.12 No. 2 – November 2002
254A Boy’s Introduction to the LMS”. Article by Denis Callender. Relives a voyage of discovery — a holiday in Llandudno in 1939, travelling via Euston. 4 pages and 7 photographs from the LMS period.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 11 – November 2002
255King George V and the Railways”. Article by Jeffrey Wells. 7 pages, 6 photographs, 3 plans of railway installations and 32 references. Items of LNWR interest are:
  • The opening of the Mersey tunnel on 20th January 1886 where the Royal party travelled from Stafford to Chester the day before and returned from Liverpool Lime Street to London, courtesy of the LNWR;
  • The Royal visit to Crewe on the 21st April 1913, with detail of travelling arrangements, locomotives used, areas of the works visited and the knighting of Robert Turnbull;
  • The Royal tour of Lancashire in July 1913, including details of the LYR and LNWR locomotives used.

Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 11 – November 2002
256Handing on the Baton: From Frank to George” (Part 1) . Article by Micheal Rutherford. No. 93 in his Railway Reflections series. 9 pages, 15 photographs of mostly Ramsbottom and Webb locomotives, tables comparing selected chief mechanical engineers from Hackworth to Stanier and Northern and Southern Division and early Ramsbottom locomotives, and 43 references. This first part is mostly an excellent, unbiased account of Webb’sExplain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' early career and achievements. (George Jackson Churchward Explain 'Churchward, George Jackson (1857—1933)' in case you were wondering!)
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 11 – November 2002
257Prestatyn Holiday Camp – Everyman’s Luxury Hotel”. Article by Jeffery Wells. 2 pages, 5 photographs and 2 references. Account of the joint LMS and Thomas Cook venture opened on 22nd June 1939.
Backtrack. Vol. 16 No. 11 – November 2002
258Willesden MPD”. Includes photographs of one ex-LNWR 0-8-0 in LMS livery plus loads of other LMS locomotives in BR days.
Steam Days. November 2002

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