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Press Digest Number 14

195The Railwayman as a Philosopher: Herbert Spencer (1820 – 1903)”. Article by R.A.S. Hennessey. 6 pages, 9 illustrations, 14 references. Spencer was intermittently a civil engineerExplain 'Civil Engineering' on the London & BirminghamExplain 'London & Birmingham Railway (LBR)' and Birmingham & Gloucester RailwaysExplain 'Birmingham & Gloucester Railway' before becoming a leading Victorian philosopher. This feature includes some of his experiences during the building of the LBR.
BackTrack. January 2002
196Cold Meece”. 4 page article about Cold Meece station, including reference to Badnall Wharf and its connection with ROF (Royal Ordnance Factory) Swynnerton.
Railway Bylines. Vol.6 No.5 – April 2001
197The Blasted Heath”. 12 page article with 16 photographs about Bamfurlong Sidings and the traffic to Springs Branch via Ince Moss.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.10 No.7 – April 2001
198The Dog’s got your Description”. 10 page article about a foray in West Cumberland in the 1960’s. Includes references to ex-LNWR lines in the area.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.10 No.9 – June 2001
199The Story of Stafford”. Photography by Allan Baker. 13 pages with 20 photographs,
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.10 No.10 – July 2001
200Big ‘Uns at Crewe”. 6 pages with 6 photographs about engine changing at Crewe in 1956.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.10 No.12 – September 2001
201Motor trainsExplain 'Motor Train' of the Rugby District”. 8 pages with 8 photographs, concentrating on the BR period.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No.1 – October 2001
202Bridge 53A”. 2 pages with 3 photographs about the subway under Tipton station.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 11 No.1 – October 2001
203Seaton Arrangements”. 9 pages with 12 photographs about Seaton (Rutland) and the Uppingham and Stamford branches in BR days.
Railway Bylines. Vol.7 No.2 – January 2002
204Nuneaton Shed Tour”. 2 page photo feature about Nuneaton shed in 1959.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol. 11 No.4 – January 2002
205A letter from Peter Davis commenting on the “Behind the Scenes” item in the September 2001 issue, about smokebox number plates on ex-LNWR locomotives (see Press Digest No.13 item 187).
BackTrack. February 2002
206Super Details and Super ‘D’ Tales” (Part 1) . Article by Ray Fox and Mike Kinder. A 10 page article about the Super ‘D’sExplain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class'. 14 b/w photographs of the locos in LMS and BR days.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No. 5 – February 2002
207Semi-Royal SaloonExplain 'Semi-Royal Saloon'”. Article by Andrew Waller. Photography by Andrew Waller. A letter and colour photo inside Wolverton Works, July 1973. The vehicle is shown under cover in a partially-stripped state and Andrew remarks that the vehicle was intended, along with Pullman Car Ibis for a private dining car train, hence the removal of some of the interior. The vehicle was unpopular with staff, if only because its storage got in the way of the daily shunts. Eventually the vehicle was moved out of the way to the area on the south side of East Repair, along with other stock in long term storage.
Bluebell News. Winter 2001
208Carriage and wagon page”. Colour picture and caption showing a newly restored LNWR 10–ton goods van in LNWR livery and numbered 47972. It was restored and out-shopped on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway. Its wooden frame precludes its use as a working wagon on the heritage line, but the vehicle will be used as an HQ for the Friends of Winchcombe Station group.
Heritage Railway. February 2002
209Let’s wheeze again: the return of the ‘Super D’!”. Article by John Hunt. Colour feature article about the restoration of 49395 under the auspices of the NRM and the LNWR Trust. As well as a potted history of the class, there are interesting views at York of the new component parts such as connecting rods, gudgeon pins, piston heads and a big-end brass bearing for a ‘Super D’Explain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' connecting rodExplain 'Connecting Rod'. There is also an excellent view of the cylinder blockExplain 'Cylinder Block' showing the metal ‘stitching’ to the cracked right hand cylinder block – a repair once deemed ‘irreparable’. The article states that the aim is to complete the locomotive and rebuilt tender at Crewe by the spring of this year.
Steam Railway. No.266 – January 2002

With thanks to Roger Carvell, Martin Smith and Chris James


Extracts of LNWR interest, from the newsletter of RailTrackcollected by Dave Hanson

Issue No.42 June 2000 – The 1872 suspension footbridge over the Crewe to Shrewsbury line at Whitchurch has been repaired at a cost of £350,000. The timber and iron bridge is a Grade II listed structure, and had been closed for safety reasons for two years.

Issue No.44 August 2000 – Buxton Station is to be given a £425,000refurbishment which will include the replacement of weathered stonework, rotten timber and the station canopy, repairs to the roof and repainting.

A new signal box is to be built at Wembley to control the tracks currently signalled from Willesden and Euston Power signal boxes.

Issue No.45 September 2000 – Nothing of interest.

Issue No.46 October 2000 – Nothing of interest.

Issue No.47 November 2000 – Birmingham New Street signal box is getting aclean up. The box, built in the 1960s is now a ‘listed building’ and may not be altered. Euston Station was handed back to the train companies on 24th September. Platforms 1 to 4 are still out of commission until Christmas. Problems with overhead line clips damaged eighteen of Silverlink’s trains, but this has been resolved.

Issue No.48 December 2000 – Nothing of interest.

Issue No.49 January 2001 – A sixty hour possession over Christmas enabledvital signalling work on the South Manchester scheme to be carried out. Due to be completed in October 2001, the scheme will include a new ACC signalling centre at Edgeley Jct. and track remodelling atSlade Lane, and allow six old signal boxes to be closed.

Issue No.51 March 2001 – The twenty-eight year old luggage lifts at Wigan North Western are to be replaced by new passenger operated lifts at a cost of £203,000.

Issue No.52 April 2001 – A new ticket office costing £276,000 wasopened by local MP Martin Bell at Handforth. The photograph shows an emerald green painted metal structure!

Issue No.53 May 2001 – Nothing of interest.

Issue No.55 July 2001 – Nothing of interest.

Issue No.56 August 2001 – The memorial to William Huskisson MP, who wasrun over and killed by Stephenson’s Rocket, which stands at the lineside at the former Parkside station has been renovated and unveiled by Sir William McAlpine. The piece includes the story of themishap, which may not be common knowledge. Apparently Huskisson had a tiff with the Prime Minister, whose guest he was, and left the carriage in which they were watching a procession of engines. TheDuke then held out his hand in a gesture of friendship and as Huskisson turned to walk back, he was hit and fatally injured. (Beware the friendship of politicians!)

Issue No.58 October 2001 – Nothing of interest.

Issue No.59 November 2001 – The £28 million refurbishment ofManchester Piccadilly station is expected to be completed by July 2002.

Issue No.60 December 2001 – Nothing of interest.