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Press Digest Number 12

170The Bluebell Railway Carriage and Wagon Department reports that the LNWR ‘Semi-Royal Saloon’Explain 'Semi-Royal Saloon' is due for a full paint-strip and repaint, plus waterproofing this year. Priority has been given to this vehicle, over more traditional Southern carriages.
Bluebell News. Spring 2001
171The LNWR Observation SaloonExplain 'Observation Saloon' was in action with ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0T No.672 Fenchurch on 10th February when the locomotive made its first public run since being taken out of traffic in 1989 for a heavy overhaul.
Bluebell News. Spring 2001
172All The Chief’s Men”. Article by Michael Rutherford. Article dealing with railway civil engineering includes a reproduction of a track plan of Euston station as it was in 1837.
BackTrack. April 2001
173The Sutton Tunnel Disaster”. Article by John C. Hughes. A 4 page article on the disaster which struck returning race specials from Chester to Manchester in April 1851. This was the Birkenhead, Lancashire & Cheshire RailwayExplain 'Lancaster & Carlisle Railway (LCR)', later the LNW & GW Joint line from Chester to Warrington. 2 pictures of Sutton Tunnel, taken from Halton station c.1932, showing LNW signalling arrangements and a ‘Claughton’Explain 'Claughton 4-6-0 Locomotive Class' emerging from Sutton Tunnel, that was, by this time, known as Halton Tunnel.
BackTrack. May 2001
174Coaling Plant Tales” (Part 1) . Article by Dennis Tebbs. A 6 page article showing views of new coaling arrangements and ash disposal arrangements at Crewe South c.1920. The photographs show how both tank and tender locomotives were coaled from the then rather novel concrete bunker.
British Railways Illustrated. March 2001
175The Merseyside Express”. Article by Michael Harris. Records the history of the prestige Euston to Liverpool express and the 9 page article portrays ‘Precursor’ No.60 Dragon near Stafford and ‘Claughton’[laughton] No.856 E.Tootal Broadhurst regaining speed at Clifton Road Junction, Rugby with an up Liverpool working.
Steam Days. March 2001

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