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Press Digest Number 11

151The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway’sExplain 'Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (LYR)' Shipping Fleets”. Article by L&Y Railway Society members. 7 pages, 7 photographs, 6 references, advertising material, timetables and flags. This is a short history of the company’s involvement with shipping, including its partnership with the LNWR. It contains an interesting diagram of ‘Tom Puddings’ – floating containers for transferring coal between rail and ship.
BackTrack. December 2000
152Windermere”. With 2 pictures of station in the 1950s.
Railway Bylines. December 2000
153Wigans Chosen Two”. 4 photographs of level crossings on the Springs Branch at Wigan.
Railway Bylines. December 2000
154Intruders at Crewe”. 6 page article with 10 pictures of ‘non-native’ train workings at Crewe in BR period.
British Railways Illustrated. December 2000
155Spreading: the Gospel”. Ex-LNWR coaches used as MICExplain 'Mechnical Instruction Class (MIC)' vehicles in the 1950s.
British Railways Illustrated. December 2000
156Premier Veterans”. With pictures 2-4-0Ts No.2233 and No.2250 believed taken in late 1870s.
Railway Bylines Annual. No.4
1573 items: Signals at Kew East Junction (still operational). The opening of the City Extension (reproduced from Herepaths 4th January 1865). Slaughter Grunning locomotives (story of NLR No.101).
North London Railway Historical Society. Newsletter 8 – 2000
158Railways and Water 1830 – 1923” (Part 1 1830 – 1889) . Article by Jeffrey Wells. 5 pages, 6 illustrations including one of LNWR train on Whitmore TroughsExplain 'Water Trough' (No.1472 Moorhen and No.2092 Arabic). This is a history of railway use of water, including sources, storage, boiler problems, treatment, etc. Several Liverpool & ManchesterExplain 'Liverpool & Manchester Railway (LMR)' and LNWR references, including Ramsbottom’sExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' introduction of water troughs.
BackTrack. January 2001
159Locomotive Standardisation and Standard Locomotives” (Part 1) . Article by Michael Rutherford. (No.73 of his Railway Reflections series.) 7 pages, 13 photographs (5 LNWR), diagrams and tables, 26 references. A study of standardisation (or lack of) from early LMR days and particularly covering RamsbottomExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' and WebbExplain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' at CreweExplain 'Crewe Works'. Photos include ‘Crewe Type’Explain 'Crewe Type 2-2-2 Locomotive Class' 2-4-0 No.3034 as running on the CHPRExplain 'Cromford & High Peak Railway (CHPR)', ‘DX’[X] and ‘Super DX’ 0-6-0s No.114 and No.1571 respectively. There is also an ex-works shot of Ramsbottom’s 2-4-0 No.1480, posed at Crewe. Final LNWR related picture shows LMS-liveried ‘Jumbo’Explain 'Jumbo Locomotive Class' 2-4-0 No.5000 Princess Beatrice, that ran unaltered for much of its long life.
BackTrack. January 2001
160A letter and photograph from Stan Roberts concerning the stationary engines used to rope haul trains at Liverpool Lime StreetExplain 'Lime Street, Liverpool'.
BackTrack. January 2001
161Whittingham Hospital Railway”. 12 page article and 15 photographs and archive maps about this line that joined the Preston and Longridge branch at Grimsargh.
Railway Bylines. January 2001
162North of Watford”. Article by Keith Miles. 8 page feature on Kings Langley and Abbots Langley station. 10 photographs, including No.25683 Falaba, a Bletchley–allocated ‘Prince of Wales’Explain 'Prince of Wales 4-6-0 Locomotive Class' 4-4-0, running into the station in 1938.
British Railways Illustrated. January 2001
163Dead and Alive”. Photographs of LNWR Cattle BoxExplain 'Cattle Box' No.72332 for use with prize animals and a D.17A brake vanExplain 'Brake Van' No.14100, used exclusively with Irish ‘dead meat’ traffic from Holyhead to Camden. Both vehicles appear to be ex-works at EarlestownExplain 'Earlestown'. Bryan Wilson provided the captions, with thanks to the LNWRS.
British Railways Illustrated. January 2001
164Derby’s Big Engine”. Article by Bob Mills. Discussion of Derby’s proposals for a big 4-6-0 in the early days of the LMS. There is a photo of ‘Claughton’Explain 'Claughton 4-6-0 Locomotive Class' No.5979 Frobisher in LMS red and the author remarks that the Claughton’s neat one-piece splasherExplain 'Splasher' arrangement was something that Derby would never admit to liking. However the splasher duly appeared in a Jack Hill illustration of Derby’s proposed 3-cylinder compoundExplain 'Three-cylinder compound' that never got beyond the drawing board.
BackTrack. January 2001
165The Delph Branch”. Article by Keith Miles. A 10 page article with 13 pictures, concerning the operation of motor trainsExplain 'Motor Train'.
Railway Bylines. February 2001
166A Tale of a Tunnel”. Article by Keith Miles. A 10 page article with 10 pictures about Northchurch tunnel, Berkhamstead.
British Railways Illustrated. February 2001
167Locomotive Standardisation and Standard Locomotives” (Part 2) . Article by Michael Rutherford. 8 pages, 10 photographs, 4 diagrams and 28 references, and concludes with the BR Standard locomotives.
BackTrack. February 2001
168British Steam Locomotive Demography”. Article by Phillip Atkins. 7 pages, 7 photographs (one of ‘Special DX’Explain 'Special ‘DX’ 0-6-0 Locomotive Class' No.3137), 8 tables and diagrams. Contains a number of LNWR references, including significant fleet numbers and route, train and locomotive miles.
BackTrack. February 2001
169The Lion’s Den”. Colour photo of Ray Stacey’s LMS liveried ‘Jumbo’Explain 'Jumbo Locomotive Class' No.5050 Merrie Carlisle. Item features the Japanese-made Aster Gauge 1 ‘Jumbo’ and also mentions John Davies, who once served under BeamesExplain 'Beames, H.P.M. (1875 —1948)' at CreweExplain 'Crewe Works' and is now the proud owner of an Aster model.
British Railway Modelling. February 2001

With thanks to Roger Carvell, Chris James and Neil Fraser.