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Press Digest Number 1

1Industrial railways and tramways of Flintshire”. Article by J.H. Thomas and M. Griffiths. 9 maps, 9 pictures and 14 pages relevant to the Ffrith branch.
Archive (Lightmoor Press). No.18 – June 1998
2By LNWR to Barry Island”. Article by John Hodge. Copiously illustrated account of a ‘Super D’Explain 'Super D 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' working an excursion from the Sirhowy Valley stations to Barry Island in 1950’s.
Steam Days. June 1998
3The Premier LineExplain 'The Premier Line' on old Picture Post Cards”. Article by John Sear. A short historical survey with 11 pictures 3 colour photos and front cover of a EustonExplain 'Euston, London' – Birmingham express passing over water troughsExplain 'Water Trough'.
Picture Postcard Monthly. No 229 – May 1998 – pp 13–15
42 photos: West London Line in 1962, including FairbairnExplain 'Fairbairn, Sir William (1789—1874)' 2-6-4T at West Brompton Goods.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.1 – June 1998
5New Fields for CauliflowersExplain '‘Cauliflower’ 0-6-0 Locomotive Class'”. Article by Bryan L. Wilson. Photography by Tim Shuttleworth. 8 page article with 10 pictures about progress of No.58382 on NSR’sExplain 'North Staffordshire Railway (NSR)' Newfields Goods Branch and No.58383 at Stoke shed. Taken in 1953.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.1 – June 1998
6Workington Workhorses”. Article by Bryan L. Wilson. Photography by Tim Shuttleworth. 3 page article with 6 pictures about Workington shed, locomotives and duties, and picture of ex-LNWR TPOExplain 'TPO – Travelling Post Office' M30213M at Workington Main 1954.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.5 – July 1998
7The Padarn Railway”. Article by Oswald J. Barker and Bryan L. Wilson. 13 page article including references to LNWR Port siding at Port Dinorwic and accompanied by 1914 25in Ordnance Survey Map of Port Dinorwic showing LNWR.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.8 – August 1998
8L and Y Pugs”. Article by Barry C. Lane, Oswald J. Barker and Bryan L. Wilson. 12 page article with 13 pictures. Makes reference to PugsExplain 'Pug Locomotive Class' working from ex-LNWR sheds.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.7 – September 1998
9Llandilo”. 3 pages of text and 4 pictures taken 1950/60’s, 1 showing FairburnExplain 'Fairburn, Charles Edward (1887—1945)' 2-6-4T on a Craven Arms – Swansea working.
Railway Bylines. Vol.3 No.7 – September 1998
10Catching Crabs”. Article by Kevin Pile. 10 page article with 13 pictures of LMS 2-6-0’s with passing references to locos used on ex-LNWR lines.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.7 No.9 – June 1998
11Diesel Dawn”. 1 page feature about locomotive tendersExplain 'Tender' adapted to carry oil fuel for refueling diesel locomotives in the 1950’s Specific reference and picture of ex-LNWR tender thus converted, dated 21st September 1958.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.7 No.11 – August 1998 – p11