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December 2001
Llandudno Junction Carriage Shed
Accident At Tredegar, 1902
Bye-Pass Valves
The Roundhouse
Abergavenny Junction
Two Years To Remember
Passenger Train Formations
Timetables Worth Modelling
Part 9 — Helsby
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After the delays this summer, when two successive Journals were sent out slightly late, we should be back on track with this one.

With each issue we try to give a balanced selection of articles: something for everyone. In this issue one of our regular authors has written about an interesting location: Helsby. These articles take up a large amount of space, but don’t dismiss them thinking that timetables are not for you. The material in there should interest many members, and certainly everyone who tries to model complete trains, rather than isolated items of rolling stock and engines. The preceding article touches on a related subject. We also try to achieve a geographic spread of articles, this time covering a London suburb, Cheshire, South and North Wales, plus passing mention of the Lake District. Usually we strive to cover a wide time span too, from the mid or late 19th Century to post-Grouping Explain 'Grouping'. Clearly, with a limited selection of material available and space constraints, we cannot always achieve all these objectives.

We have a healthy stock of material, but pressure of work and the last two Portfolios have prevented me spending the time that some articles require. If material needs typing, extensive revision, location of some or all of the photographs,


captions, and in some cases even considerable correspondence and research followed by a complete rewrite, then I’m afraid it will not appear as quickly as a piece which is almost ready to go.

If, in spite of our efforts above, there is little of interest to you in here, then please contact me and say so. It could be that we have overlooked the matter and are able to do something about the omission.

Mike Williams

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