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Early Days (7)

Mr. J. Ramsbottom

1858 — DX Goods (3)
1863 — 4ft Shunter (3)
1870 — Special Tank (2)

Mr. F.W. Webb

1873 — Coal Engine (4)
1880 — 18in Goods (5)
1881 — Special DX (2)
1881 — Coal Tanks (2)
1893 — ‘A’ class (2)
1894 — Crane Tank (2)
1896 — Dock Tank (2)
1901 — ‘B’ class (2)
1903 — 1400 Class (2)

Mr. G. Whale

1904 — ‘C’ class (3)
1904 — ‘E’ class (3)
1906 — ‘D’ class (2)
1906 — ‘F’ class (2)
1906 — ‘G’ class (1)
1912 — ‘G1’ class (5)
1906 — 19in Goods (3)

Mr. C.J. Bowen Cooke

1911 — 1185 class (2)

Capt. H.P.M. Beames

1923 — 380 class (2)


1919 — ‘MM’ class (2)


No.8990 ‘C’ class 0-8-0

No.8990 ‘C’ class 0-8-0 Click on picture
for bigger image.
LNWRS Photo Ref 355

A rare rear view of an LNW engine: ‘C’ class Explain '‘C’ Class 0-8-0 Locomotive class' 0-8-0 No.8990 is in LMS livery in this view but otherwise little altered. Curiously, although it has the large number ‘8990’ on the tender Explain 'Tender' it is still retains LNWR lining. The tender can be seen in some detail: It is of riveted construction mounted on a timber frame and buffer beam. It was always said wood was used so it would break up gradually in an accident but this cannot be true — it was still short and stout. The tie rod staying the axle guards also supports the vertical side bars for the water pick-up apparatus, called the ‘dip’ between the middle and the rear tender wheels. The tender number is on the undecipherable plate on the back of the tender and if you look carefully, at the top inside of the cab are the ventilation holes to cool the fevered brows of the crew.

‘C’ Locomotive Class

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