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Early Days (7)

Mr. J. Ramsbottom

1858 — DX Goods (3)
1863 — 4ft Shunter (3)
1870 — Special Tank (2)

Mr. F.W. Webb

1873 — Coal Engine (4)
1880 — 18in Goods (5)
1881 — Special DX (2)
1881 — Coal Tanks (2)
1893 — ‘A’ class (2)
1894 — Crane Tank (2)
1896 — Dock Tank (2)
1901 — ‘B’ class (2)
1903 — 1400 Class (2)

Mr. G. Whale

1904 — ‘C’ class (3)
1904 — ‘E’ class (3)
1906 — ‘D’ class (2)
1906 — ‘F’ class (2)
1906 — ‘G’ class (1)
1912 — ‘G1’ class (5)
1906 — 19in Goods (3)

Mr. C.J. Bowen Cooke

1911 — 1185 class (2)

Capt. H.P.M. Beames

1923 — 380 class (2)


1919 — ‘MM’ class (2)


No.205 ‘Coal Tank’ 0-6-2

No.205 ‘Coal Tank’ 0-6-2 Click on picture
for bigger image.
LNWRS Photo Ref 9215

‘Coal Tank’ Explain 'Coal Tank 0-6-2T Locomotive Class' No.205, built 1881, is seen here at Heaton Chapel in its ‘mixed traffic’ Explain 'Mixed Traffic Locomotive' role with a passenger train to Manchester (London Road). The fireman  Explain 'Fireman' stands on the cover to the flexible water pipes between tank and bunker, showing how high and obtrusive it was. The smoke box Explain 'Smoke Box' still has the old Ramsbottom Explain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' sloping front. The paintwork is plain Black (sometimes termed Blackberry black) but well polished and the crew obviously look after their engine. Only the red backing to the polished brass number plate and the red buffer beams offer any touch of colour. The coach is in the superb LNWR standard coach livery, white with a hint of blue above the waist, contrasting with a deep plum colour below, all lined out in simulated gold.

Coal Tank Locomotive Class

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