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Wolverton Completed in September 1839 as the London & Birmingham RailwayExplain 'London & Birmingham Railway (LBR)' locomotive Repair Works. The first locomotives were built there in 1845 and the last in September 1863. LNWR carriage building was transferred to Wolverton in 1865. All LNWR carriages and horse drawn vehicles were then built and repaired at Wolverton.  
Wolverton Train Lighting Patented system of electric train lighting using a single battery and electro-mechanical regulator developed at Wolverton Works from 1913, and used by the LNWR, LMS and BR for new construction until 1954.  
Working Time Table (WTT) A time table used by railway operators, which includes the timings of all trains other than special trains (not just passenger trains). The WTT also included “conditional” trains which were not “regular” but ran when required – lots of mineral trains and cattle trains were conditional. They did not include special trains (such as the “banana specials” from Garston).  
Workshop ?? - see Railway VillageExplain 'Railway Village' for context  
Worsdell, Nathaniel (1809—1886) Early railway carriage builder, built the first carriages for the Liverpool & Manchester RailwayExplain 'Liverpool & Manchester Railway (LMR)' in 1830. 1837 designed a method of mail collection for mail trains, and a screw couplingExplain 'Screw Coupling'. 1838 built railway carriage from three horse carriages, which established the compartment carriage universal in UK and much of Europe. 1843 moved to the new GJRExplain 'Grand Junction Railway (GJR)' works at CreweExplain 'Crewe Works', playing an important part in the development of the town in his 37 years there.  
Worsdell, Thomas William (1838—1916) Was the eldest son of Nathaniel WorsdellExplain 'Worsdell, Nathaniel (1809—1886)'. 1858 returned to Crewe and worked in drawing office under RamsbottomExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)', Two years later he bacame manager of Eng Works in Birmingham. On his return from USA in 1871 he was appointed Manager of Crewe works, under Webb Explain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)'. He designed a number of locomotives, and in 1885 was appointed Locomotive Superintedent of the NER at Gateshead.  
Wrapper Plate A piece of plate steel wrapped around the fire boxExplain 'Fire Box' or smoke boxExplain 'Smoke Box' of a locomotive to provide the final finished surface.