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Token Another term for a staffExplain 'Staff' or tabletExplain 'Tablet'.  
Top Light Auxilliary fixed windows located above the main windows (“longlights”) on the corridor side of the vehicle. These admitted more light and also allowed a standing passenger to see out. Specifically a style of carriage body construction adopted by the LNWR from 1911 onwards which formed a sharp break with the Wolverton “traditional” body style.  
Torpedo Ventilators Another name for Laycock’s ventilatorsExplain 'Laycock’s ventilators'  
TPO – Travelling Post Office Specially constructed vehicle for the conveyance (and often the sorting) of letter and/or parcel mail under contract to the Post Office, and manned by GPO staff. The LNWR and West Coast Joint StockExplain 'WCJS – West Coast Joint Stock' owned far more of these vehicles than any other company.  
Train Out Of Section A signalling bell-codedExplain 'Bell Code' message (2 beats, pause, 1 beat) given by a signalmanExplain 'Signalman' to the signal box in-rearExplain 'In-Rear' when a train (complete with tail lamp) has passed the signal box of the signalman giving the message and hence the section is unoccupied. The signalman in-rear is then free to offer another train.  
TT Gauge See Model GaugesExplain 'Model Gauges'.