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Model Gauges Modelling may be performed in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from layouts that would run around a tea tray, to those that require a small park. Details of the various modelling schemes can be found by following the more link. View more details
Moon, Sir Richard (1814—1899) The was elected to the LNWR Board in 1851 and within a year became most active in the company’s affairs. He was made Chairman in 1861 and for the next 30 years directed all his activities to the LNWR.  
Moorsom, Captain Constantine Richard (1792—1861) From 1833 became joint secretary of the Birmingham & Gloucester RailwayExplain 'Birmingham & Gloucester Railway' where his younger brother Captain W.S. Moorsom was Engineer. Elected to the Board in 1841 and within 2 week became chairman. Resigned December 1843 just before the BGR became part of the MRExplain 'Midland Railway (MR)'.
He was also joint secretary of the LBR Explain 'London & Birmingham Railway (LBR)' 1837-9.
Later he became a director of the LNWR and chairman in October 1852
Moorsom, Captain William Scarth (1804—1863) In 1836 was appointed to survey the Birmingham & Gloucester RailwayExplain 'Birmingham & Gloucester Railway', which included the Lickey incline 2 miles at 1 in 37.
Among his other railway work he was Engineer on the Cromford & High Peak Railway Explain 'Cromford & High Peak Railway (CHPR)'.
Moquette The material used for covering (‘trimming’) carriage seats. It is of rather thicker quality than normal upholstery material.  
Motion A general term for piston rods, connecting rods and valve gearExplain 'Valve Gear' on steam locomotives.  
Motor Train A semi-permanently coupled train of one to six coaches, capable of being driven from either end, usually with steam tank locomotive at one end and at the other a control driving cab fitted with connection to the loco regulating handle, reversing gearExplain 'Reversing Gear', brake valve and whistle.  
MotorRail Ltd, Simplex Works Locomotive builders in Bedfordshire.