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GMO Goods Manager’s Office  
Gooch Valve Gear A valve gear similar to Stephenson valve-gearExplain 'Stephenson’s Valve Gear', but with the expansion linkExplain 'Expansion Link' fixed so that it may pivot only.  
Gooch, Sir Daniel (1816—1889) First CMEExplain 'CME' and later chairman of the GWRExplain 'Great Western Railway (GWR)'.  
Goods Agent ??  
Goods Depot ??  
Goods Traffic Committee A joint committee of the London and North Western, Caledonian, Glasgow and South Western and Midland Railways which managed the main goods lines avoiding CarlisleExplain 'Carlisle' Citadel passenger station.  
Goods Van As can be seen in many early photographs goods which needed to be protected from the weather were at first carried in open wagons and covered by tarpaulin sheets. Vans with high sides and roofs became more common in the twentieth century, particularly after the grouping.