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‘D’ 0-8-0 Locomotive class After WhaleExplain 'Whale, George (1842—1910)' had rebuilt a number of ‘A’ classExplain '‘A’ 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' 3-cylinder simple 0-8-0 goods engines into class ‘C’Explain '‘C’ Class 0-8-0 Locomotive class' simple engines by fitting new inside cylinders and Joy’s valve gearExplain 'Joy’s Valve Gear', it was decided that their cylindersExplain 'Cylinder' were too large for their original boilersExplain 'Boiler'. Sixty three were therefore fitted with 5ft 2in diameter boilers similar to those used on the ‘Experiment’ classExplain 'Experiment 4-6-0 Locomotive Class (2)' 4-6-0 engines. In 1911 these became known as class ‘D’. View more details
Day Saloon Saloon carriage intended for first-class passengers (ladies or gentlemen) who paid an additional supplementary fare. Day saloons were tried on some principal services in the 1880s but were not very successful as compartment style carriages were preferred for privacy. By contrast Night or Sleeping SaloonsExplain 'Sleeping Saloon' increased in popularity up to the groupingExplain 'Grouping' and beyond.  
Deal Wagon Codename for a wagon to carry long loads such as sawn timber. (This was an LYR, not LNWR term)  
Deflector Plate An inward-protruding plate inside the fireboxExplain 'Fire Box' of a steam locomotive, secured just above the fire-holeExplain 'Fire Hole' door. The plate is used to deflect incoming cold air away from the tube plateExplain 'Tube Plate' Also known as the flame scoop.  
Dentholme Joint Committee A committee of the MidlandExplain 'Midland Railway (MR)', Glasgow and South WesternExplain 'Glasgow & South Western Railway' and North BritishExplain 'North British Railway' Railways which managed one of the goods lines avoiding Carlisle CitadelExplain 'Carlisle' station; the line served Dentholme goods station and ran between Dentholme South and Dentholme North junctions. In effect it was a loop off the line managed by the Goods Traffic CommitteeExplain 'Goods Traffic Committee'.  
Derby Works Important locomotive, carriage and wagon manufacturing and repair workshops owned originally by the Midland Railway Company, and later the LMS and BR.  
Detonator A disc shaped small explosive with pliable metal clips which are placed on the top surface of the rails to warn drivers that a signal obscured by fog is at danger or that there is an obstruction ahead.  
DGMO District Goods Manager’s Office