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Whyte Wheel Arrangement In 1900 the American engineer F W Whyte proposed a system to notate the wheel arrangement of a locomotive. The number of wheels is counted starting with leading undriven carrying wheels, followed after a dash by the number of coupled driving wheels, another dash and finally the number of undriven trailing wheels. Tank engines are indicated by appending a ‘T’ to the wheel arrangement (e.g. 0-6-2T). This can be further refined by using ‘ST’ to indicate a saddle tank (e.g. 0-4-0ST), ‘PT’ for pannier tanks (e.g. 0-6-0PT) and ‘WT’ for a well tank (e.g. 0-4-2WT). Under this system a ‘T’ on its own indicates side tanks. Some wheel arrangements were so common they also had names. See PacificExplain 'Pacific Wheel Arrangement', AtlanticExplain 'Atlantic Wheel Arrangement' and ConsolidationExplain 'Consolidation Wheel Arrangement'.