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Glossary Results for Word "Valve Gear"

Valve Gear The system of rods and cranks which connect the pistonsExplain 'Piston' and valvesExplain 'Valves' to the wheels and controls the admission of steam to the cylindersExplain 'Cylinder'.
See BakerExplain 'Baker Valve Gear', BulleidExplain 'Bulleid valve gear', CaprottiExplain 'Caprotti Valve Gear', CossartExplain 'Cossart valve-gear', GoochExplain 'Gooch Valve Gear', JoyExplain 'Joy’s Valve Gear', StephensonExplain 'Stephenson’s Valve Gear' and WalschaertsExplain 'Walschaerts valve-gear' valve gear.