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Teutonic 2-2-2-0 Locomotive Class The ‘Teutonic’ was developed from the ‘Dreadnought’Explain 'Dreadnought Locomotive Class' class, and became the most successful and, when built, the largest of F.W. Webb’sExplain 'Webb, Francis William (1836—1906)' 2-2-2-0 three-cylinder compoundsExplain 'Three-cylinder compound' . Using the same boilerExplain 'Boiler', they had 7ft 1in driving wheelsExplain 'Drive Wheel' (compared with 6ft 3in on the ‘Dreadnoughts’). The reversersExplain 'Reversing Gear' for the two outside high-pressure cylinders, and the one inside low-pressure cylinder were linked, so that the driver could adjust one independently of the other. The axle boxesExplain 'Axle-box' were lubricated by oil instead of grease, a feature introduced on the class. All except “Jeanie Deans”Explain 'Jeanie Deans' were named after ships of the White Star Line. “Pacific”, the third of the class, was originally built as a triple expansion compound but was soon converted to conform with the rest of the class.