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Glossary Results for Word "Stationary Engine"

Stationary Engine Both the Liverpool and ManchesterExplain 'Liverpool & Manchester Railway (LMR)' and the London and Birmingham RailwaysExplain 'London & Birmingham Railway (LBR)' had banksExplain 'Bank' out of their terminus stations — the L&M from Crown StreetExplain 'Crown Street, Liverpool', Liverpool (and later Lime StreetExplain 'Lime Street, Liverpool') to Edge HillExplain 'Edge Hill, Liverpool' and the L&B from Euston to CamdenExplain 'Camden, London'. Because of doubts as to whether locomotives would be able to cope with the gradients, trains were first hauled up the banks (and restrained from running away down them) by “stationary engine” winches, in engine housesExplain 'Engine House' at Edge Hill and Camden.