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Special Tank 0-6-0T Locomotive Class This was Ramsbottom’sExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' last design, which was in effect a saddle TankExplain 'Saddle Tank' version of the ‘DX’ for shuntingExplain 'Shunting', with the same cylindersExplain 'Cylinder' and wheelbaseExplain 'Wheel Base' but slightly smaller wheels and boilerExplain 'Boiler'. Two of the class were modified with rectangular saddle tanks and condensing apparatusExplain 'Condensing Apparatus' for use in Wapping tunnel, Liverpool. From 1895 they were used on the American SpecialExplain 'American Special (1)' boat trains through Waterloo and Victoria tunnels between Edge HillExplain 'Edge Hill, Liverpool' and RiversideExplain 'Riverside, Liverpool', Liverpool, for this duty they were painted in fully lined livery, and named “EUSTON” and “LIVERPOOL” View more details