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Glossary Results for Word "Reversing Gear"

Reversing Gear A mechanism to affect the phasing of the valve operations. This allows regulation of the expansion of steam in the cylinders by adjusting the cut-off pointExplain 'Cut-Off (1)' (where steam is prevented from entering the cylinder), and therefore how much work the steam provides. The same mechanism is used to change the direction the locomotive moves. On the LNWR the mechanism was mainly operated by a RamsbottomExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' Reversing ScrewExplain 'Screw Reverse' which required many turns to change direction (very hard work when shunting!). Only later was the Lever ReverseExplain 'Lever Reverse' introduced by Bowen CookeExplain 'Bowen Cooke, Charles J (1859—1920)', much to the drivers’Explain 'Driver' relief.