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Problem 2-2-2 Locomotive Class Designed by John RamsbottomExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' and introduced in 1859, the first of the ‘7ft 6in Single’ class was No.184 Problem. This name came from a withdrawn Trevithick 2-4-0 goods engine and originally had a mathematical connotation, another of the class being Theorem. They incorporated all the usual Ramsbottom features: his design of chimney top, safety valvesExplain 'Safety Valve' and screw reverserExplain 'Screw Reverse', horizontal smoke boxExplain 'Smoke Box' door, no cab, no brakes on the engine and no top lamp socket. The class is also known by one of the famous members of the class ‘Lady of the Lake’Explain 'Lady of the Lake 2-2-2 Locomotive Class' as it was awarded a bronze medal at the International Exhibition in 1862