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Glossary Results for Word "Precursor 4-4-0 Locomotive Class (2)"

Precursor 4-4-0 Locomotive Class (2) A class of 130 very successful 4-4-0 express passengerExplain 'Express Passenger' engines built by George WhaleExplain 'Whale, George (1842—1910)' from 1904. After the value of superheatingExplain 'Super Heated Steam' was proved many of the class received superheater boilers with extended smoke boxesExplain 'Smoke Box' and their performance was then indistinguishable from the “George the Fifths”Explain 'George the Fifth 4-4-0 Locomotive Class'; they retained separate splashersExplain 'Splasher' over the driving wheels and so were different in appearance. They were the first of Whale’s larger engines and the last one was not scrapped until 1949.