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New Street, Birmingham New Street station was opened by the LNWR on 1st June 1854, and replaced the original station at Curzon StreetExplain 'Curzon Street'. The station roof comprised a trussed arch span, 211ft wide by 840ft long. This was designed by A.E. Cowper of Fox Henderson and Co. This was the widest span of all railway roofs at the time and remained so for fourteen years. The Queen's Hotel opened on the same day.
Midland Railway (MR) station opened on 8 February 1885 and was built immediately alongside the LNWR station. This station roof comprised two trussed arch spans, 58ft wide by 620ft long, and 67ft 6in wide by 600ft long. This was designed by F. StevensonExplain 'Stevenson, Francis (1827—1902)', Chief Engineer to the LNWR.
The joint LNWR and MR committee was formed in 1897.