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Mersey Railway An underground railway between Birkenhead and Liverpool Central (Low Level), opened in 1886, and extended to Rock Ferry, on the Birkenhead RailwayExplain 'Birkenhead Railway' line to Chester, in1891; it also made an end-on connection with the Wirral RailwayExplain 'Wirral Railway' at Birkenhead Park and through trains ran between West Kirby and Liverpool (in Stygian conditions) until the Mersey Railway lines were electrified in 1903. Thereafter trains from the Wirral lines terminated at Birkenhead Park. The Mersey Railway remained independent at the groupingExplain 'Grouping' but through workingsExplain 'Through Working' to the West Kirby and New Brighton branches recommenced when the LMSExplain 'London Midland & Scottish (LMS)' electrified those lines in 1938.