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Glossary Results for Word "Hackworth, Timothy (1786—1850)"

Hackworth, Timothy (1786—1850) Locomotive pioneer, born at Wylam, Northumberland; in charge of the Stockton & Darlington RailwayExplain 'Stockton & Darlington Railway (SDR)' locomotives and machinery from 1825. He built the 0-4-0 ‘Sans Pareil’ in 1829 for the Rainhill TrialsExplain 'Rainhill Trials'; this engine subsequently worked on the Bolton & Leigh RailwayExplain 'Bolton & Leigh Railway' until 1844 and is now in the Science Museum, London, with its competitor, Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’. His last locomotive, a 2-2-2 also named ‘Sans Pareil’ was of a very advanced design, with a partly welded boiler. It ran on the LNWR in 1849, but was returned and worked successfully on the North Eastern RailwayExplain 'North Eastern Railway (NER)' until 1881. “Hackworth has an assured place in railway history as the first to establish the steam locomotive as a thoroughly reliable machine” (John MarshallExplain 'Marshall, John').