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Furness Railway (FR) An independent railway, originally built from the slate quarries at Kirkby-in-Furness and the iron ore mines at Dalton to a shipping place on Roa Island, it expanded to make a junction with the LNWR at Carnforth (by taking over the Ulverston & Lancaster RailwayExplain 'Ulverston & Lancaster Railway (ULR)') and to Whitehaven (by amalgamation with the Whitehaven & Furness Junction RailwayExplain 'Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway (W&FJR)'). There were a couple of important branch lines, particularly for the tourist traffic, to Coniston and Windermere (Lakeside). Famous for its Indian-red engines and blue and white carriages, it became part of the LMSExplain 'London Midland & Scottish (LMS)' in 1923.