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Express Passenger A train conveying passengers over long distances with few stops, usually at speed. Strangely, only two districts — the Lancaster and Carlisle and the Central Wales — used the term “Express Passenger” as a train description in the working timetablesExplain 'Working Time Table (WTT)'. Apart from expresses with some special description (“Mail” for the Irish MailExplain 'Irish Mail', “Boat Express” for other Holyhead boat trainsExplain 'Boat Train', and “American Special”Explain 'American Special (1)', for the boat trains to Liverpool Riverside) all others were described simply as “Passenger”.
However, the term “Express Passenger” was used in relation to some trains which conveyed no passengers — the 03.00 newspaper train Euston-Birmingham/ Liverpool/Carlisle, the 21.20 corridor parcels train from Euston and the corresponding up train, 22.50 from Liverpool, were all “signalled as express passenger trains”.