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Engine House Not, as might be thought, an engine shedExplain 'Engine Shed' but a building for stationary enginesExplain 'Stationary Engine' which worked trains by cables where the gradients were considered too severe for adhesion traction. Engine houses were found both at Edge HillExplain 'Edge Hill, Liverpool', to work trains to and from Crown StreetExplain 'Crown Street, Liverpool' and its replacement, Lime StreetExplain 'Lime Street, Liverpool' and at CamdenExplain 'Camden, London', to work Euston trains.
The original reason for the use of stationary engines between Edge Hill and Crown Street (and later Lime Street) was that the Act of Parliament which authorised the building of the railway into Liverpool forbade the use of locomotives in the centre of the city (an early attempt at smoke abatement). This may have encouraged the use of gradients then considered too severe for adhesion tractionExplain 'Adhesion traction'.