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Edge Hill, Liverpool Edge Hill is about one and a half miles east of Liverpool Lime Street passenger station. On the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester RailwayExplain 'Liverpool & Manchester Railway (LMR)', the main importance of Edge Hill was as the site of the engine housesExplain 'Engine House' for the stationary enginesExplain 'Stationary Engine' which worked trains into and out of Crown Street, and later Lime Street, stations. Under the LNWR it became the centre of a massive complex, including a passenger station, main goods yards and locomotive shed for Liverpool, and junctions which gave access to Liverpool’s docks; to Lime StreetExplain 'Lime Street, Liverpool' station; and to RiversideExplain 'Riverside, Liverpool' station. The “Grid Irons”Explain 'Grid Irons, Edge Hill' at Edge Hill were an early example of shunting by gravity.