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Earlestown Earlestown is a station roughly half-way between Liverpool and Manchester on the LMRExplain 'Liverpool & Manchester Railway (LMR)' main line whose original name was Newton. It became a junction with the building of the Warrington and Newton RailwayExplain 'Warrington & Newton Railway' , and a triangle junction when the west curve was laid, giving access to Liverpool from Warrington. When the Grand JunctionExplain 'Grand Junction Railway (GJR)' line was completed in 1837 Newton became part of the route from Birmingham both to Liverpool and, via the east curve, to the north; the building of Runcorn bridge and the Winwick cut-off later provided more direct routes from Crewe to Liverpool and the north respectively. The name Earlestown came in 1853 when the LNWR wagon works were established there, under the supervision of a veteran LNWR director, Sir Hardman Earle, but the station name was changed to Earlestown Junction only in 1861 (after a spell as Warrington Junction).