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Glossary Results for Word "‘D’ 0-8-0 Locomotive class"

‘D’ 0-8-0 Locomotive class After WhaleExplain 'Whale, George (1842—1910)' had rebuilt a number of ‘A’ classExplain '‘A’ 0-8-0 Locomotive Class' 3-cylinder simple 0-8-0 goods engines into class ‘C’Explain '‘C’ Class 0-8-0 Locomotive class' simple engines by fitting new inside cylinders and Joy’s valve gearExplain 'Joy’s Valve Gear', it was decided that their cylindersExplain 'Cylinder' were too large for their original boilersExplain 'Boiler'. Sixty three were therefore fitted with 5ft 2in diameter boilers similar to those used on the ‘Experiment’ classExplain 'Experiment 4-6-0 Locomotive Class (2)' 4-6-0 engines. In 1911 these became known as class ‘D’. View more details