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Carlisle Seven railway companies — London and North WesternExplain 'London & North Western Railway (LNWR)', North EasternExplain 'North Eastern Railway (NER)', MidlandExplain 'Midland Railway (MR)', Maryport and CarlisleExplain 'Maryport & Carlisle Railway (MCR)', CaledonianExplain 'Caledonian Railway (CR)', Glasgow and South WesternExplain 'Glasgow & South Western Railway' and North BritishExplain 'North British Railway' — met at Carlisle. The passenger station, and the goods lines which avoided it, were managed by joint committees: the station itself by the Citadel Station CommitteeExplain 'Citadel Station Committee' (LNWR and CR); the main goods route by the Goods Traffic CommitteeExplain 'Goods Traffic Committee' (LNWR, CR, GSWR and MR); another by the Dentholme Joint Committee (MR, GSWR and NBR); and on a third the NER and NBR met end-to-end.