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Brick Arch An arch of bricks was fitted to most locomotives’ fireboxes. Spanning the front half of the fireboxExplain 'Fire Box' just below the tubesExplain 'Tubes' it served a number of functions. Its primary function is to throw the flames and products of combustion from the fire to the back of the firebox and to form an area above where combustion take place. In large modern boilers this is often extended by a combustion chamberExplain 'Combustion Chamber' within the end of the boiler barrelExplain 'Boiler', the tube-plateExplain 'Tube Plate' being set back into the boiler barrel for the purpose. By increasing the distance of the tubes from the fire itself, it protects the ends of the tubes from direct flames. When the fire-door was opened, the brick arch radiated heat and helped to keep an even temperature at the tube plate and reduce unequal expansion and contraction of the tubes which tends to make them leak.