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Bolton & Leigh Railway The oldest section of the original constituents of the LNWR, the B&L was incorporated in 1825 and opened in 1828-9. It was eight miles long from Bolton to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Leigh, and in 1831 was extended for two miles by the Kenyon and Leigh Junction RailwayExplain 'Kenyon and Leigh Junction Railway' to join the Liverpool & Manchester RailwayExplain 'Liverpool & Manchester Railway (LMR)' at Kenyon Junction. The B&L leased the K&LJ in 1836 and, together with the L&M, was amalgamated with the Grand Junction RailwayExplain 'Grand Junction Railway (GJR)' in 1845. Among the B&L’s noteworthy locomotives were Stephenson’sExplain 'Stephenson, Robert (1803—1859)' “Lancashire Witch”, Hackworth’sExplain 'Hackworth, Timothy (1786—1850)' “Sans Pareil” — fresh from the Rainhill TrialsExplain 'Rainhill Trials' — and Bury’sExplain 'Bury, Edward (1794—1858)' first two engines, “Dreadnought” and “Liverpool”.