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1185 0-8-2T Locomotive Class This was a class of 30 locomotives, a tankExplain 'Tank Locomotive' development of the G1 classExplain '‘G1’ 0-8-0 Locomotive Class'. They were built 1911-1917, by Bowen CookeExplain 'Bowen Cooke, Charles J (1859—1920)', and intended for heavy shuntingExplain 'Shunting', particularly at Edge HillExplain 'Edge Hill, Liverpool' where, although the sorting was by gravity, heavy trains needed to be moved to and from the grid ironsExplain 'Grid Irons, Edge Hill'. They were the first locomotives since RamsbottomExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)' adopted screw reverseExplain 'Screw Reverse' to have lever reverseExplain 'Lever Reverse'. View more details